New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


So many hot takes, so little time.


Kendrick’s reverse tracklist

  • Bit pretentious but basically fine
  • Ruining music

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I would buy this on accounts of how I’m a fool.


Already spent silly money on the LP so I’ll probably steal .NMAD

I’ve not got any problem with people praising Kendrick Lamar and being passionate about the great music he makes, to weigh in on the debate if there is any.


Music: ruined


does this mean i can actually listen to the album backwards now?




really struggling to think of anything more pointless than this album with the tracklist reversed


A different album with the tracklist reversed?


Thinking about things more pointless than it?


Richard Osman with the tracklist reversed


I know! I know! It’s this album with the tracklist reversed being available to buy as an mp3 download.

I’d love to see a documentary about the people who actually buy this.


that would be equally pointless at worst (best?), not more

@safebruv maybe, maybe
@aggpass BOOOOO
@attheborderguy extremely pointless, but I think this still falls under the umbrella of ‘this album with the tracklist reversed’


i wonder if they’ve actually made any efforts to make the tracks segue into eachother slightly differently. like the end of BLOOD into DNA doesn’t really work backwards as it is, does it?


A one track, 7 inch single with the tracklist reversed?


how about when gus van sant made a shot-for-shot remake of Psycho?


Amazing. Maybe the MP3s are limited edition?


if you can find an example of this I’ll consider it

@reptar solid shout. though the thought of Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates tickles me


in the remake they have him masturbate in the bit where he’s spying on her through the wall :roll_eyes:


can’t be too subtle about these things