New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread



Re-looking at this album for my end of the year list and my initial disappointment has now revealed some real gems. The midtempo stuff is all really good. FEEL, PRIDE, and LUST are all great. I think its actually a better album then Big Fish Theory (the other hip hop release ive enjoyed) although the heights arnt quite as high (although DNA comes close)


I’m very late to the Kendrick Lamar party.

What album would you recommend for me to buy first?


good kid, maad city


Yeah, go GK:MC and also listen to the Dissect podcast episode about it as well if you want.


Good kid maad city. But pimp a butterfly is his mangum opus


Thanks folks. That’s as unanimous as it gets.
Good Kid MAAD City has been ordered.


Ah man, it’s such a cliche to say, but I really envy you getting to listen to it for the first time. Probably still my top album of the decade so far!





oh duh you posted it

was raising an eyebrow at him doing a marvel soundtrack


I mean, are you surprised? Remember last year he did a collab with U2 and Maroon 5


yeah but that’s just roll up and collect $500,000 for doing a verse in his sleep. he’s producing the whole soundtrack


But musicians do soundtracks all da time brah


Think youre underestimating how big a thing black panther is in black culture at the minute.


don’t know shit about marvel full stop tbh


It’s a black superhero in mainstream cinema. It’s a massive thing


So. Like Blade? :smirk:


God. Reading this back. Don’t mean to come across a sick there. I get the importance.


fp, i’ll shut up