New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Oh he’s only curating it.


Blade had a pretty interesting looking soundtrack actually. Never bothered checking it out…


Really want a pair of these Cortez Kennys.


Kendrick, you fucker!

I’ve been singing Backseat Freestyle ALL DAY!!! Damn I got bitches…

Not a good look for a middle aged white guy!



Isn’t that just the official soundtrack?


Have decided this is my favourite album of '17.


Yeah, but it has a couple of new Kendrick songs so thought it was worth mentioning


Ah, got it. Fair enough. You just fleetingly raised my hopes that we were getting another full album :stuck_out_tongue:


pitchfork’s calling it 5 new kendrick songs. hopefully some gooduns in there.





First date of the tour last night, had a peek at the set list. Anyone go?


Can’t decide if I’m gonna massively regret not getting a ticket for this. There’s quite a few on twickets. So pricey through


Who’s going to the London shows?


Me, on Tuesday.


The closer it gets to the shows the more I think how long I’ve waited for him to tour here and how much I love Damn and why the heck am I not going it’s not that pricey in the grand scheme of things.

Might go, is what I’m saying


Yeah I’m going. Not gonna miss the chance cause he’s just about the most meaningful thing happening for me culturally rn. Has been since GKMC.


Me, on Monday. Mad excited.


Me on Monday