New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Tuesday pour moi


Had I got a standing ticket first go I’d have happily paid £80, but I’m not paying to sit down and I’m not paying reseller prices. Just try next time he tours.

Saw him on the GKMC tour (five fucking years ago), and he was really great though.


I sold a standing for Tuesday to get a good seat for Monday. I’m old.


I can’t do seated gigs. Just feel really removed from the whole experience.

Not like I’m at the front row but always just a sensible distance back.


As a short 32 year old man my days of standing are long gone especially at an arena show. Get me a decent seat any day of the week now.


Got seated tickets for tomorrow in Manchester - Christmas present from my brother who I’m going with. Mad ‘stoked’


Manchester gig for me tomorrow as well, can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a gig. Don’t envy Jimmy Blake’s position here though, nobody’s going to be paying attention there, let’s be real.


I’m a Monday also. I wasn’t really looking forward to it that much but now I am because I think it will be good and I’ll probably have lots of fun.


Sunday in Glasgow for me, pretty psyched.


This^ but 31 in a few weeks


I hope this tour is what’s holding up the Reading line up


Wouldn’t think so. The tour is sold out, and festivals announce line-ups with not all of the headliners all the time (I think back I when I were a lad and used to go to Leeds it would all be announced in one go on the radio, different times though). Bit selfishly hoping he isn’t doing it, because I’m watching Hamtilon on the Saturday, so would be a tall order to go on Friday or Sunday, and I’d be grinding my teeth over annoyance at missing out.


Heard it on Radio 1 today- really liked it!


I dunno, JB is a big deal these days - collaborations with Frank Ocean, Bonny Ver and Kendrick have raised his profile a lot - so hopefully he’ll get a fair shot at an arena sized show. Excited either way - last time I saw James Blake was at Green Man years ago, when he played to a few hundred people in broad daylight.


I feel like most people just aren’t interested outside of his collabs. I saw him at Glastonbury recently and he had Vince Staples, Justin Vernon, and Trim on with him, and that was a really good show, but was still full of people talking the entire way through even with him being the headliner for that stage. Saw him headline Green Man the same year and he nearly bored me to death. In all honesty I’m a bit peeved we’ve got him when mofo SZA is the support for USA shows


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: That was so fucking good!


Nailed it. Was super impressed with James Blake too. His new stuff sounded great, and the crowd were actually less rude than at his own show at the Academy the other year. Pretty great crowd generally tbh.


Can’t wait for Tuesday.

Sidenote: that new James Blake track If The car Beside You Moves Ahead’s great, would love a moody, concise album in that vein.


Out of interest what were the stage times please?


7:30 - 8:15 James Blake
8:45 - 10:15 Kendrick