New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Aye, the man’s operating on a different level to pretty much anyone.


This is a long shot but I have a standing ticket for tomorrow (Tuesday) which I would like to swap for a decent seat as my foot has been causing me grief recently. I will still go if I have to but won’t really be able to move very much. As I say, long shot but let me know. ta!


Can’t wait for tomorrow - are we gonna have to queue up to hand in our phones though? Or put them in the lock bag or whatever it is?


There was nothing like that last night in Glasgow


Cool - saw some stupid article on twitter saying he was banning them for the tour


Actively asking everybody to get them out and hold them up with lights on the other night, so nothing to worry about.


turns out it actually meant he was banning media photographers :smiley:


So how was it last night? Big queues to get in according to Tweeter?


Aye, queues were insane, get there early if you have any interest in James Blake for whatever reason, my thoughts here:

In short it was phenomenal





Are you quite tall at least? Tbh I probably wouldn’t have been able to see much in the golden circle at my height but I was surprised how far back it went.


I am 6ft 6 so maybe I’ll be fine. REALLY wish I booked a seat, though.


Woah! You’ll probably be able to see where the band was at a height like that!


Ha, that’s a relief. Wanted to see Black Panther beforehand to amp myself up but none of the screening times work.


Can’t go tonight but gonna grab a WEMBLEY. The rear seating isn’t tiered over the standing, is it? It’s like, right at the fucking back?


I hope you enjoy Hamilton. Perhaps invest in a decent gum guard or something.


Aye, it is right at the fucking back. I think the staging is brilliant enough for it to still be a hell of a spectacle from back there though.


Got a standing ticket off FB. Just need to spend a week on The Rack now so I have a good view


Ant what time was Kenny on please m9?