New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Think it was about 2030 or so but I’m not 100% on that


Ta luv


Managed to sell my ticket and buy a good seat for cheap on Twitter the last minute so its all coming up roastthemonaspit m9


Nice one pal, whereabouts are you sat?


Block 111 - not sure of the row…


Nice one! I was in 112 and think 111 was the only section that would’ve been better tbh.

It seemed like they’re doing up loads of the arena around that side though btw and it took ages to trapse round there and queue so give yourself plenty of time innit (getting out took fucking ages as well)


Cheers for the tip, will do!


You’ll note that the post you refer to came from my pre-gig self. I’m a completely different person having seen that show, one who will not let something as inconsequential as being on London the day before keep me from seeing that again. Fuck all on at Leeds that day other than him and Brockhampton tho, that festival has properly gone off


Less than a quarter of the line uo had been released, but i agree to an extent.

  1. Yes
  2. that was basically a dressing gown and I’m very happy about it


Arrrrgh was so good. He might as well have been literally on fire for money trees, was crazy. And to put that much faith in ‘Iove’ was an amazing shout.

Hi to mr fact mag, glad you were there ",


That was fucking wonderful. Somehow my gf and I ended up in the golden circle, which was obviously amazing. Have never been to a gig so big that was so devoid of dicks. Sure there were some out there, but everyone I saw was just happy to be there and totally hyped.

Fuck, did he deliver.

No-one else can write like him. The ones who come close can’t spit like he can. And anyone who gets that far can’t perform like that. Truly unique skill-set. It’s insane to see him with such an enormous following.


Smashed it.


Pretty much flawless and I was delighted I got a seat when I saw how MASSIVE the golden circle was, ridiculous!


Wasn’t there a live band off stage…?


Aye, apparently so. Fuck knows where they were though…


He’s playing Bellahouston Park in August:


Still tickets for Wembley next week on Ticketmaster too…


How was the atmosphere in the seats vs standing? I really want to go on Tuesday to wembley arena, but it seems like only seated tickets are available and I normally wouldn’t go for that as I hate to miss the atmosphere.


It was absolutely fine, the whole crowd stood up the second he came on and stayed that way. And as I say, you’re pretty far back if you’re standing because the golden circle takes up about 1/3 or maybe 1/4 of the floor anyway.