New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Oh shitttttt


Just listened three times in a row. Love it.


Tight as fuck.

Probably not what the rest of the album will sound like but this is definitely a banger and his flow is strong. Hella quotables too.


Beat’s nasty - just wish it were longer.

Oh shit, he might actually drop an album on the 7th, might he?


This beat has that classic bay are mobb sound, I’m into it, chintzy-ass 80s Casio keyboard three-note riff with big drums, wish the snares snapped a little more tho. that era of sound hasn’t been mined as much as the LA scene (thinking YG and Game have extracted every ounce of that era as possible) so its cool to hear him over this instead of re-treads like king kunta. I gotta hunt it down now, exactly which beat this reminds me of…
feeling like its either celly cel, Mac mall, rbl posse or dru down. will report back

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Ol’ One Flow is at it again!

Beat is catchy af. Don’t think Kendrick goes in as hard or as memorably as he could, but exceptionally high standards etc. Good first single, hope he lets the beat ride out a little longer on the album.


alright there’s like five Spice1 tracks this sounds like but basically the whole album 187 He Wrote, which has some of the best bass lines on any rap album ever. Gas chamber, triggas got no heart. what an album. B-legit’s and Mac mall’s first albums have a ton songs that sound like this. side note on a side note: b-legit’s 2nd alb hemp museum has a song that features daryl hall and, it, is… awesome.

Cold Sweat is p close:

Think rbl’s ‘bounce to this’ is the one tho:


Love that track. A Scarface sample improves any beat.


I don’t think you can really call it a snare – it’s more of a handclap. But yeah, the 2 and 4 needs a bit more oomph. His flow is great though, as always. Excited about the album, hopefully won’t be long.


A lot of Watsky types seem to think this is a parody of bad mainstream rap which I find quite cute/funny.

I’m glad Kendrick’s having some fun here. He was definitely at risk of taking himself too seriously.


This is the guy who rhymes “Trump” with “chump” isn’t it?

Riveting stuff. And by riveting I mean absolute dogshit.


You down with OBT yeah you know me!




Thought the same thing - would be criminal for a man of his talent to waste it all being worthy. I feel like this track’s missing a breakdown in the middle somewhere, but I like every bit of it.


ok so we’ve got

  • not long enough
  • snare not punchy enough
  • needs more oomph
  • doesn’t go hard enough
  • not catchy enough
  • needs a breakdown

anything else?


Might rescind that snare comment. Listening on my good cans and it sounds better.


Well it’s the 808 snare/clap. The snares in Alright sound amazing in comparison. But if you want the best snare/claps then you gotta hire Quik to put on the finishing touches, obv. I still have a dream at least weekly about Kendrick doing a full length w Quik.


bit needlessly defensive this. basically everyone’s said they really like the track :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: