New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Agree, though I reckon Kenny might still pull a trick or two here rather than just drop an album of straight bangers. Already feels fairly conceptual (all the BOLD, the references to God, even the way the last letters of each track are highlighted on the tracklist could be something…) dunno where he’s going with it but there’s probably an angle.

As long as the music’s good maaaaaaaaan…



is what the last letters can be rearranged to.




Might be a red herring tbh


I love this cover. it’s very Raygun mag era david carson-esque.


Poll closing soon!!!


Yes! It really is. Especially with the grain on that photo.


there’s a new kendrick album TOMORROW. holy shit.



Tonight was the rumour. Probably translates to tomorrow UK time though


If people in the world have it, surely it’s only a matter of time.


It’s out there.


Lynchian ending…


Ohhh shitttttt


On first listen U2 feature is acceptable !




album seems fine. some jams in there. humbles prob my fav still, Duckworth is nice. element sounded good at first but it kinda sounds like drakes back2back :frowning:


:confused: This album is a lot more straightforward than I thought it would be, with beat’s that initially sound nice and fresh but sound kind of stale by the end. This is after one listen though but the scope and ambition on this album is notably reduced feels a lot more scattershot than Good Kid Maad City and To Pimp A Butterfly. Will reserve judgment as there were parts I really enjoyed but I zoned out quite often as the momentum of the album simply wasn’t there to grab and hold my attention.


Think this was inevitable really and feels right to me as a reaction to TPAB, just more immediate and more straightforward.

Only 2/3rds of the way through but im enjoying it, even if there havent been any obvious standouts yet. Still dreading that U2 song though.


So - is this supposed to be his life flashing before his eyes?


So XXX as a track is fine, but Bono’s vocal needs to go away.