New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Really like DNA


DNA is great, XXX is great, the back half of it seems strong, on face value first impressions I could do without LUST, LOYALTY and LOVE though. Fucking Drake has a lot to answer for.



Been up since crazy o’clock with the lad, so had a few listens. Its decent. Seems to be the kind of thing you can stick on and listen to a few tracks of, unlike TPAB and GKMC which often put me off as they’re albums you really need to listen to front to back, IMO. This album was never going to excite me as much as some of youse lot though.


Finished it now, feel like there’s a lot to grow there. Seems like it’s more expansive than i first thought, gonna give it a couple more listens today.


enjoying this a lot on first play through


Glad it’s not just me who thought a fair few tracks sounded like something Drake would do, weird given he’s got a supposed beef with him.


yah so i enjoyed it and actually thought the overall quality of the tracks was pretty high, even though a lot of it washed over me on first listen (like most albums tbh, including tpab, though the overwhelming feeling listening to that the first go around was way more musical ambition).

guess i had slightly lower expectations going into this one and i still wasn’t blown away. gonna spend some time with it and see how it feels on repeat listens.


plenty of tinfoil hat theories going on about this #TKOLpt2


aye turns out blurring links doesn’t work very well, so if you click that it’ll take you to a FACT article on DAMN conspiracy theories.


If he seriously puts out an album about death on good friday and rebirth on sunday…


Love this sort of shit, even if it leads to nothing, it’s so fun.


I’ve only heard the first few albums, but that thought flashed through my brain when on my way to pick up my hot cross buns. Can’t wait for Sunday now, when the real album drops.


sounds really good but less dense than the others.
we’ll see


That breakdown is DNA really burns


This is really starting to click now. Flies by with no skips for me. Even tracks I didn’t like at first (Lust and XXX) have warmed up massively.

Feel a bit like the album’s lack of musicality (in comparison to TPAB) is a statement in itself. There’s so much going on with that album that people can miss stuff. Here, the beats are no different than any rapper might go over - the difference is that they couldn’t turn those beats into these songs.

Weird vibe, though. Sometimes feels like the most honest look at Kendrick and his interior life that we’ve had. Feel like he hasn’t sounded so jaded and cynical before.

I hope there isn’t another release on Sunday. There’s so much to digest here and a new album will just turn this one into more static and noise imo.


Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but does anyone know how this release relates to this one?


That looks like some weird bootleg thing you’d find from a guy called Barry at the Pub


Tbh TPAB is the outlier in terms of musical ambition. The music here isn’t in any way a step down from what’s on Section.80 or gkmc. There’s some really nice beats here. Agree there isn’t really a duff track either.

Don’t think it will be a double album (would be a lot to digest) but it’s a cool theory.


Doubt he wouldve said april 7th on that first track either


Very good point well made, Eric.