New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


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But then again, maybe the album was delayed coz they came up with this after the fact. Sounwave’s comment is by far the most cryptic and troubling


I never know what to make with the reviews and opinions when something is so hyped. Will have to give it a listen myself and make my mind up. But I really think Kendrick at this point could release the sound of his own farts and the critics will lap it up.

I don’t know the guardian 5 star review was just so over the top at points that I’m becoming more cynical. I’m sure it’s a decent solid release and you can’t ask for anything more really.


Just listen to it, maaan. Who gives a shite about the guardian?


Do hate those instant record reviews tbh. As with Lemonade: FIVE STARS… (we’ve yet to actually listen to the album because we were too busy writing this review but)… FIVE STARS!!!


Also since Frank and Future did something similar recently it’s just about plausible.


Yeah, can’t believe they’ve written a review already. Bollocks to reading that.

Re: Sounwave’s tweet - wasn’t that posted when it leaked just before release? On the leak FEAR is a shorter track for some reason, which I think is what he was getting at.

I’d never kick more Kendrick out of bed, but I still hope this is it for now. Come back to us when we’ve digested it, or better yet, TOUR.


Ahh, that pours a bit of water on the whole thing if so


the beginning of the record is really promising cos it sounds like old Michael Jordan Kendrick but I don’t really get Humble and then Lust happens and I turned off and put Bona Drag on instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Weirdly, I was up all night so sort of saw that play out, then get re-purposed for the 2nd album narrative.


Second album narrative existed since the drop of the tracklist though. Those tweets and the Spotify picture change sent it into overdrive and got the mainstream press interested.


Think it’s a testament to how readily Kendrick’s pulled the rug under us that it’s got such traction.


Oh this is AOTY


If it happens, great, but it’s sort of weird and increasingly prevalent in our culture atm - that we’re more excited about the anticipation of something than the work of understanding it. To the extent that a great album drops and we have to immediately cook up some reasons that a newer, bigger, better thing will arrive in a few days’ time. Most forums I check are now more focussed on this 2nd album than the one we actually have.

When Future dropped his second of two albums in the space of a few days, a big portion of the people hyping for it just started getting excited about the third.

Just very weird to me.


Three full listens now, it’s good. Still not sold on LUST, LOYALTY or LOVE though but they’re not as jarringly disappointing as they were on the first listen. There’s some moment that get the head nod going like nothing I’ve heard in ages, DNA, HUMBLE and that main section of XXX in particular. Then there’s all the dense lyricism and storytelling to unpack on FEAR and DUCKWORTH.

If there’s a second album coming I’m gonna be thrilled but I’m not disappointed either way which speaks volumes after how much I adore TPAB and GKMC.


Agree with that to some extent, but as I said, it was a thing before the album even dropped and it’s got serious precedent recently (Endless, FUTURE) so it’s not about the idea that something bigger and better is around the corner (more of a counterpart, I think) and just fun speculation. As I said, a testament to Kendrick’s previous bluff/double bluffs.

For anyone whom a fun rumour has eclipsed the record or has shrugged it off as a result, well that’s very silly.


And, frankly, more Kendrick is statistically likely to be good Kendrick.


On listen 3 also. Loyalty is the only duffer for me, rihanna is completely pointless there. Think the other less immediate ones will all be growers.


Arghhh that red/blue thing tho. Not like he hasnt done it before.