New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread



He’s playing at 10:35 on sunday night at coachella, 6:35am UK time. Tempted to get up and watch it live in case some shit goes down.


Should be a good show but I think Sounwave pretty much put the rumours to bed yesterday. Kills the whole Morpheus thing as it was related to that tweet. So all they’ve got is Kendrick standing against a blue wall. Basically, don’t lose any sleep over it.


Though on instagram someone from TDE management literally says he is dropping another album, so believe what you will…


Enjoyed it on first listen. Felt consistently decent, but nothing stood out or blew me away particularly. Apart from DNA, bloody hell - after the intro and that, was kind of hoping he’d just keep up that relentless pace for a succinct 40-min LP.

Quite like him taking a step back and releasing something that’s not so huge in scope. Ridiculous highs but I never clicked with at least a third of TPAB.


Growing with every listen :sunglasses:


Just got fully done by this


Sounds pretty decent/good but it’s going to have to do an awful lot of growing on me to be anything other than a substantial disappointment. I know that people will say judge it on its own merits but to me this feels more akin to a bits-and-bobs collection a la Untitled Unmastered rather than his proper studio album.

Also think the Drake comments are pretty telling - this feels like the first time in a long time that he’s following trends rather than leading/trailblazing.

IDK, I don’t want to complain too much, and I should reiterate that I like it. But given what we’ve come to expect i don’t feel like it reaches his (admittedly stupidly high) standards.

Probably also not helped by the tendency for self-aggrandisement in the lead up to its release. A bit like Drake again, it’s all very well saying you’re the best of your generation/ever when you’re releasing a best of decade album. If you then release something that’s not that level it only heightens the sense of disappointment.

Anyway, tl;dr post. Big fan of DNA and Duckworth from the first couple of spins :fire:


No album then. Anyone watch coachella?


Gonna be watching it tomorrow innit.


Maybe the real second album was the friends we made along the way?


Where bounce you watchin hun


Bang into this tbh. I like that he references all the themes/titles of all the songs in all the songs. I think that is nice.


kendrick la-meh-r


At my desk in my workplace.


everyone who’s talking about Drake has obviously never listened to any Kendrick pre-Good Kid


I think it’s fair to say he might be looking for a hit, or maybe to widen his listener-ship with a song like Love. That said, maybe it makes me soft, but I think that beat’s nice - and the track does something different than the others on Damn.


Big fan of LOVE., one of my favourite tracks. But I’m a sucker for that smooth shit.




Zacari from LOVE. absolutely nailed the hook on this too. Mmmmm.