New law

Car horns to be twice as loud inside the car vs outside.


Do away with computers


Yes and ho!


But that would eliminate this forum, and my job.

Only really bothered about the first of those tbh.


This law is actually in my head because my mate volleyed a wingmirror off a car that was parked fully blocking the pavement while the driver was still in the car the other week.

Bloke got out of the car and everything, i was just stood to the side going
scared sorry not sorry GIF by ABB Formula E


Delete Twitter


All gifs have to be the correct length to show the scene or line they reference

Fucking shitty tumblr with their 2 seconds gifs

Look at this nonsense

black books GIF


And what happened next? You can’t leave us hanging.

Can we have normal lace and then a selection of laces to pick from, like i want some gold or silver laces for my jordans and i’d like to retrospectively claim them for free

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Mandatory death sentence for people who go into high street book or record shops and ask if they sell Amazon vouchers

BR for PM

Just a lot of shouting about parking, was funny.
Was really surprised the bloke didn’t try and hit my mate


Then what happened!?

So desperate to know I obviously didn’t read the rest of the thread

Standing on a one new law policy, which is “Delete Twitter”

Reckon I can achieve that on day 1, certainly week 1. Feet up for the duration of my term.


All your following scandals easily dealt with “Ah yes maybe the national news did catch me on a meth bender, but do you remember when we had to listen to the opinions of the Blue Ticks? Scary times”

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All toilet roll sold is required to be from recycled paper

(someone’s going to come wading in telling me this is actually worse for the environment than the regular stuff, but whatevs)

People stand on the right here in NL too, reckon it usually aligns with what side of the road people drive on but London just ruined the system.

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You’re allowed to walk/cycle over any car parked in a bike lane.

It’s a law that you have to knock on the window and say ‘that’s a funny looking bike’ to any car in a bike box at a traffic light


when I recommended my recycled toilet roll supplier to someone they were like well actually they say its a welsh company but the bamboo parts are imported from china. When I first used who gives a crap and mentioned their build a toilet initiative my neighbour was like studies show this doesn’t work or something.

Ah right, I’ll just keep buying the worse stuff then, cheers.

new law - mandatory support for people trying to make more ethical choices.


Group of people blocking aisles in any pub or bar you can now just plough through them with no repercussions, go wild.

Conversely if someone pushes past you at a gig without an excuse me you get one free dig to the back of the head