New Louis CK Stand up on Netflix



Pretty waz. Not finished it yet.



waz? (not waz)


Was going to watch it the other night but opted for genre defining film ‘Circle’.


Think it’s the material I saw him tour but looking forward to watching regardless


Watch Circle instead.




nice, will watch tonight. thought about his wizard of oz bit the other day out of the blue and started cracking up and looked a bit weird.


I’ve never even heard of regardless





Is it good or waz?


I enjoyed it. I gave it a thumbs up on netflix’s new fangled rating system (I give their new fangled rating system a THUMBS DOWN though)


Pure unadulterated waz - Paul Ross, The Mirror.


The only bit that really made me laugh was when he said that he has four nieces and nephews and he doesn’t love any of them.


yeah that was good. I enjoyed the whole ungrateful achilles bit as well

overall I thought it was decent enough but nowhere near as good as shameless / chewed up


wizard of waz


Quite a bit of it from the tour I saw last year. I did enjoy it but I would say not up there with his best. That’s a very high standard though, and it still made me laugh a lot.


Circle is great fun


i watched it and laughed a lot, a few proper LOLs


bit i laughed the most at was

i think the worst part about being beheaded is the stupid look you have on your face