New Mark Eitzel

“Hey Mr Ferryman is Eitzel’s first full studio album recorded entirely in London. It was made at 355 Studios with Bernard Butler (ex-Suede, McAlmont & Butler), who has produced and/or recorded albums with Tricky, Ben Watt, Bert Jansch, Edwyn Collins, and more. Butler produced Hey Mr Ferryman and played all of the electric guitar, bass, and keyboard parts on the album.”

Mark Eitzel + Bernard Butler? The early 90s Thirstydog would’ve jizzed himself dry at the prospect. New song is superb.

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Didn’t like the new song. Find it interesting how much Bernard has taken over the sound of this; it could be taken from the Ben Watt album from 2014 that he produced too.

Still think Mark Eitzel has a decent album in him but this track doesn’t fill me with confidence.

It’s a good song and Mark sounds great but… the arrangement, production is pretty bad. Far too fussy. On a lighter note, I was listening to Mark’s first solo album, 60 Watt Silver Lining yesterday. That’s a very good album.

Great news. Any Eitzel recording is a thing to be treasured.

Pretty much agree with this. Eitzel is one of those guys that I’ll always go and see when they tour but rarely bother with their records. He transforms everythign in performance anyway.

Aye, I’ll be at the Sheffield show for sure. The setlist he played on his last tour looks great too