New Marketplace for Music Merch

Hey everyone,

I’m from PrintMySong, we are creating an officially licensed marketplace for music merchandise to make merchandising easy for fans, designers, and music artists of all kinds! We have a unique offering that allows designers to upload fan art and have it licensed to music artists on our marketplace. Artists can also utilize all their image assets like album art, portraits, lyrics, or any other asset of their choosing to sell on any one of our print-on-demand products.

While the marketplace is being built we’re growing a community on Discord as a place for fans, designers, and music artists to gather and share their love for music, just like this forum. If you’re interested in learning more there’s a complete explainer vid and info on our website. You’ll also find a link to join our Discord. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you in our community soon, looking forward to engaging more on DIS too. Any questions or feedback is most welcome. :smiley: