New McDonalds Taste The World Burgers


Anyone on the hype train?

Jamaican Jerk Chicken - 6/10
Swiss Burger - 7/10


Quite liked the BBQ one the other week.


Oh from the country of BBQ?




What countries do you associate with burgers
Ooooh… Swiss
fucksake mcdonalds


‘yeah, just whack some holey cheese on it.’


Reminds me - I saw a French Burger restaurant near Goodge Street the other day. Of all the things I associate with French cuisine, burgers are pretty much at the bottom of the list, just underneath Pizza and above Katsu Curry.


It’s short for Benbecula (not a country, but still).


All I had the last time I went to Paris was kebabs


I’ll allow it


Big Bucks Qatar





I only really McDonalds in the Monopoly season, like some people Summer in the Hamptons


As an aside, this is on the Benbecula Wikipedia page:



Danish burger (one with bacon)


The Swiss one was surprisingly good


French burgers are often like steak hache


Italian one sounds decent:
“Two 100% beef patties with slices of pepperoni and a tomato and herb sauce. This is Italy with a twist.”


Cheeseburgers are brilliant aren’t they? Probably humanity’s greatest invention.


The Jamacan one was a nice departure from just getting a chicken legend. I can’t stand the beef from that place though, not sure how anyone does.

Anyone a fan of the cheese bites with the rich tomato dip? I AM