New McDonalds Taste The World Burgers

Don’t rate the bites, good sauce though

I’m currently tossing up between the Jerk and Swiss one for tomorrow’s lunch.

I need a cigarette


There’s a pub near where I live that does French burgers (a burger with brie), Swiss burgers (a burger with emmental) and Italian burgers (a burger with gorgonzola). I think they also did a Greek burger at one point as a special

Burger and a bailout?


bit of a guilty lol there

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Is it called the Tragedy?

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cut in half and put in baguette = french burger

Anyone who goes to McDonalds and doesn’t have a Big Mac, perhaps with a double cheeseburger chaser, is a deviant.


unless it’s breakfast time

Grudgingly accepted.



Details pls.


Near Godalming is not a convenient location :angry:


They need to bring this menu to Shoreditch - could easily add an extra 50% to what they’re charging.

A pub near me used to do a macaroni burger that had deep-fried macaroni instead of a bun.

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oof might go for the Jamaican one now you can customise your order on a screen and not act like a wimp asking for no cheese or mayo at the counter

An actual French burger is called an Americain, is a half baguette stuffed with 2 burgers, cheese, burger sauce, fried onions and sometimes fries as well. McDonald’s should do that.

Ps do you know what they call quarter pounder with cheese???

that doesn’t look like anywhere near enough sauce