**New** Mental Health Thread (2018/19 Rolling)


I feel this

With me it’s not so much safety worries - just the faff of getting ready, getting the bike ready, picking a route etc becomes a barrier to getting out the door, even though I know it will do me good.


for me it really depends on the sunlight. if it’s really really sunny e.g. after a heavy rain it makes me feel really ill

hate the smell of car fumes too


Same. I just can’t be fucking arsed at the moment to do ANYTHING. My motivation is non-existent which is very very unlike me as I like to exercise and do stuff daily.

This morning I woke up and I really did not want to cycle cause I felt so tired and thought it would be bad but it actually really helped to take that 45 mins of silence cause I find my head is just clear of everything then.


i am so bored of my job and the dumbass managers and the stupid processes that make no sense and the sense that every shift lasts about 3 months. like it makes me feel depressed just thinking about being here. sometimes on lunch, i stand at the top of the stairs and try to work out how i could take a controlled fall down them and injure myself badly enough to not have to be here for a long time. i’m not brave enough to do it tho.


Finally finished a game I got addicted to for about 2 weeks, after binge watching Riverdale for some reason (it seemed to never fucking end tbh). Now to see how I cope with normality again/not being sidetracked by weird addictive behaviour, I’m sure it’ll go great.


had been having a few days of feeling really positive about stuff (despite having had quite a weird and stressful weekend) but it’s all come crashing down a bit this evening. feel awful. especially struggling with feeling incredibly unattractive. i really hate my weird face.


I know how hard it is to accept something contrary to how you feel inside when it comes to appearance, especially when you’re feeling low, but you have a beautiful face.

try to trust even when you feel bad about your appearance that others feel very differently. they really do.


I am very tired.

my acoustic guitar had been buzzing which was ruining one of the only things that has given me any relief, and I fixed the buzz (the battery was loose in its compartment (it’s an electro acoustic, obvs)). which is one thing.

I also did my first day volunteering for the council in their ecology department, which is a big step.

but I am very tired, in all regards. nothing is making me feel good, at all, and it is hard to see that changing.


I know it’s hard to feel like it right now, but given how you feel right now, that’s two big achievements chalked up today. Hope things improve soon mate. As always, take care.


thanks dude. always appreciated. hopefully things will get better.


HudhfhUrgh I just realised that I have really compulsive repetitive behaviours. I think they’re more obvious in winter cause I put off going outside


You have a great face, honestly :slight_smile:


Yeah honestly I was surprised when you said something like this before and then I saw a photo of your face. I’d be well chuffed if I had your face.


feel so crushed and sad lately.

I need the kind of hug that only exists in the imagination of a broken person :frowning:


also very frustrating that after all these years I’ve still not really beaten whatever it is in me that wants to see me fail and wither. The battle goes on. Wish there was a way to re-contextualise the harm I do to myself with my thoughts and inaction.

Sorry for this, just needed to type something to acknowledge it’s a difficult time right now.


While I can’t do this for you Bam, I can send you the love of many Pokemon.


thank you x


I think I’m a fundamentally quite selfish person who can’t offer my relationships what they need. I have so many flaws that I’ve not even really examined cause my anxiety means I’ve been so self absorbed.

I think I’m going to try to take a break from here cause I use it as a distraction and escape and I’m not sure it’s healthy.


From your posting on here you seem very selfless, often seeing something from another person’s point of view that I would never have considered.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re ace and can only do so much.

Hope the break helps you and you come back when you’re ready.


was listening to an album last night, feeling quite happy, and then one verse in a song caught me the wrong way & I’ve had the most crushing loneliness since. fell asleep & woke up totally hollow.

don’t know what’s going on with my emotions lately, been so up and down.