**New** Mental Health Thread (2018/19 Rolling)


Shit isn’t it. Mainly cause it then sparks this debate with myself about whether I’m just being stupid or imagining it and trying to rationalise.


Waiting to see my GP again. No idea what to say. Venlafaxine isn’t doing me any good anymore so I was tapering off hoping to try a drug free period but I’ve nosedived pretty badly this week. Done several types of anti-depressants, CBT, counselling…what’s left?

So tired guys.


the initial warm niceness of the Sertraline is tailing off. doctor doubled my dose earlier, will see how that goes.

just been in bed all day lost in maladaptive daydreaming, which lapsed from imagining impossible nice things to imagining myself in a very bad way or gone altogether. I feel empty.


hey there

could try a mood stabiliser?


not usually prescribed for unipolar depression but lamotrigine combined with fluoxetine has done absolute wonders for me.

idk, just a suggestion. i do hope you find something soon though. good luck!


That sounds like something that might work. I’ve been put on beta blockers to try and get the anxiety under control for the moment but it’s good to know there are still other options out there if that doesn’t work. I’ve been feeling a bit hopeless and out of ideas today so it’s useful to know I’ve not exhausted all avenues yet.


Goes without saying that we’re all routing for both you and @incandenza. But I’m saying it anyway. x


hope you’re feeling better today mate


gotta find the courage to face growing old alone from somewhere. It’s very scary though so I try to live in denial.


Thanks guys :heart:


Cheers dude. Got to go back tomorrow so probably happen again.



I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. You can get through this :slight_smile:


I know mate. Used to it to be honest. Just play it down

Cheers man. Stay well x x


and you too :+1: x


content warning: fat shaming, fat phobia

I thought this article by a cardiologist was really great at identifying how complicated the links between mental health, obesity and other underling health conditions are. she’s strongly in favour of a multidisciplinary approach to weight management (which obviously costs the NHS more than simple shaming ‘awareness’ campaigns). I just thought I’d share it cause I know we have had some really difficult discussions on here about how to best support access to healthcare for fat people, including whether things like cancer research posters are effective or ethical.


can’t get out of bed. first time I’ve felt like this since being on Sertraline (on 100mg now, too)

just stuck in the same old empty, painful longing


Changing rooms are literally designed to make you feel shit, i’m convinced of it. So then you just buy the item and go “i’ll try it on at home” and then you forget to return it so the store is quids in.

I always find the lighting awful and it’s always too hot.


I’m fully overwhelmed by so much at the moment and there’s not objectively anything to be overwhelmed by. I’ve got to writing little notes to myself everywhere which looks odd but oh well. I think I’m like partway through a mini breakdown but also not sure that I’ve not been inside a mini breakdown since I was 18. :woozy_face:


this is why I don´t buy clothes on the highstreet any more. last time I went into a changing room, I stamped on my phone by accident breaking the screen and just stormed out the shop in a sweaty furious mess


Sounds about right. I don’t buy in shops any more either. I prefer to order the thing I want in 2 or 3 different sizes because numbers don’t generally mean anything when it comes to clothes?


My TV does this and then uses beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm.

Pretty sure shipping clothes back and forth to try on is worse than clingfilm

(could be wrong)

(p.s im not suggesting stopping the former…more the latter)