**New** Mental Health Thread (2018/19 Rolling)


If I go on a longish holiday I’ll take at least the next Friday off too, just so it’s not straight back into a 5 day working week



I used to drive my bf a little mad cause i’d probably be on holiday for maybe a day or two and be like “I don’t wanna go home, i’ll get the post holiday blues” and he’s just like wtf are you doing thinking about that now we’ve got 15 days left of this holiday.

I actually try to do something new when I come back from a holiday. Like a new routine or eating a new kind of food or take up walking more or something like that. Maybe book yourself a treat for a week after you get back to look forward to?

I go away in 9 days for almost 3 weeks and i’ve already planned that when I come back i’m going to start doing a new gym class and will start on my winter craft projects (finally!). i think it’s good when you’re away to have something to be excited about for when you get home rather than just nothing/work.

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not ANOTHER winter, please? :frowning:



I only make quilts for Winter II

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I feel very wierd just upping and leaving (or rather, refusing to come back) next week on the job and masters last week… I know this is probably natural but it’s very strange to be at home (although to be fair I’m hiding at my friend’s place in the countryside atm)



According to a recent study by the Red Cross in partnership with Co-op, more than nine million adults in the UK are often or always lonely.


big love to everyone as always :heart:



Sorry, delayed reply here. I think a lot of the time for me it might be pent up frustration at feeling I have very little control over most aspects of my life, which I guess I usually repress but if I am exhausted mentally it can lead to irritability which in turn can become anger and a nasty outburst. Also, pmt tends to exacerbate it a lot, which was the case this weekend.

I guess before what you shared I never really considered that I should try have anger management strategies. The main thing I try to get across to my family is to just leave me completely alone if I am angry because in that state I cannot process any sort of interactions, other than pulling myself enough together to attend to R so long as there aren’t other voices complicating things because I can’t do the mental recalibrations to work around/with others.

I like the sound of the smashing ice thing you mentioned, though I feel I would need some really fucking big chunks of ice to properly work through the anger and I just don’t have room in the freezer for that!



feeling an overwhelming sense of worthlessness this evening.

Ah well, I’m sure it’ll pass



anyone got any dumb stuff they do to help them calm down after a bout of anxiety?
bought a panini world cup album earlier and went to the park to put the stickers in, helped a bit



just take a bunch of kalms and listen to history podcasts



Night walk for me. I look at the stars and it stops everything swimming around so much. Think it’s important to do that sort of cosmic repositioning because it gets you out of your head. Frantically doing chores is a good distraction as well! Uses up the nervous energy and is productive, so you feel like you’re getting a bit of control back.



I like to go and sit by the beach at night and listen to this. mainly 2 and 3



practice my leg spin variations. you’d think i’d be better at them by now.

either that or throw a bouncy ball at the wall and catch it.

stickers sound good tho.

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Walking with no real destination works for me, or doing a crossword. I keep a book of them for this very purpose.



Usually watching sitcoms I’ve already seen a million times over or some nice relaxing videogames. Something like European Truck Simulator. Slowly driving around while listening to location appropriate radio stations is weirdly soothing to me.



Received the letter from my CMHT assessment which amazingly actually contains all the things I said and is very nice. But not much they can do on their side. So now just a super super long waiting game.



I am glad that you seem to have been understood at least, that can be surprisingly hard to have happen. Sorry waiting times are so bad :frowning:



Does anyone get anything out of talking it through with a trained professional? If so - what? The only reason I ask is (and I know it sounds somewhat flippant a comment), that I have had a series of pretty awful experiences with counselling in general. Initially it was grief counselling, two of them started crying partway through our discussion and I pretty much ended up cancelling the remaining sessions as a result. If I don’t feel a “connection” at a deeper/deepish level, I tend to “check out” and sink deeper into myself, which seems to have had a numbing effect over the years. I really find it difficult to genuinely care about anything, even though I have become pretty adept at acting totally engaged.

I saw a counselor after a close work colleague was killed in a terrorist attack, and they came across as quite smug and overly confident, offering quite cliche advice and responses so again, checked-out.

Good luck to you all out there BTW!! It really is tough



i’m so wiped out.

the last 2 months i’ve just been fairly non-stop working on preparation for my tournament and revising for my exams while working full-time. i managed to get everything done, just about, but at the expense of looking after myself (i’ve been living off takeaways and ready meals and haven’t cooked for myself at all - not even omelettes, which are my go-to easy meal - and have done no exercise whatsoever. there wasn’t time). i made myself ill a few weeks ago as I was organising stuff for 6 hours a night after work and 12 hours at weekends. became a total zombie.

during this time i got moved at work unwillingly, and just as i started to settle into it a few weeks ago, i found out i have a good chance of being made redundant in August due to restructuring; even if I don’t get made redundant, i’ll be fighting against everyone else at the company to get one of the new jobs. i spent 8 months last year looking for a job (while i was working on a 0 hours contract) and it tore me apart - i have a lot of great stuff on my CV but no-one wanted to hire me. i felt completely worthless and hopeless, as a good career is pretty much my only long-term life goal.

my tournament was at the weekend. 6 months’ worth of work in total. it felt like a total disaster and made me really stressed and miserable (even though i’ve only been praised for it by the people that went). got plastered at the pub to let off some steam and really upset my (bipolar, currently on a downer) best friend because i was being so annoying; 2 drunk friends were then being dickheads at our AirBnB and he’s gone into this incredibly dark place with his MH so i’m worrying about him, counselling/assuaging the guilt of the 2 friends who made him snap, and mediating between the two parties.

exam was today. was in there for 5 hours. now just completely exhausted and i want a break. but i can’t because i have an interview for a job i desperately want tomorrow morning, and need to do a written task beforehand (they didn’t mention this when arranging it and offered barely any opportunity to reschedule, even though i explained how stupidly intense my week has been). if i don’t fuck up the task and the interview then i think i have a great chance as they seem really impressed with me, but the pressure of fucking it up and potentially then going into another soul-destroying job hunt has just paralysed me into inaction.

i’ve had a week off but i’m just totally, totally, totally drained and i’m going to be devastated if burnout is the reason i don’t get a job i would be great at, and would be perfect for me (considering my location, transport limitations and skill base)



sounds like you’re in the middle of a really stressful time but it definitely won’t always be this way!

Push on through for another day or two if you can manage that and then take some time to unwind/be by yourself/do something nice/different…dunno if you’re an extrovert or introvert but I’d definitely just want to be alone for a week or so after all of that busy stuff going on.

Also worth remembering some of the stress and anxiety and exhausting might be due to the alcohol, it’s easy to forget that drinking can have a big impact on mental health because it’s such a casual thing to do.

Fingers crossed for your job interview tomorrow :slight_smile:

Take care of yourself x

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