**New** Mental Health Thread (2018/19 Rolling)


I feel a bit sick reading that.

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Yeah, to be fair, I was being deliberately over-glib. There are very good HR people that I’ve been aware of/dealt with, but in particular when you get to bigger organisations I’ve found the individual matters less than the role unfortunately.


Got off the phone to the doc, been written off for a few weeks. Already nervous about telling my employer / when I come back / going to Primavera and living in constant fear about them somehow finding out. The stress rollercoaster is a wild ride.


if you’ve been signed off work with stress it doesn’t mean that you have to be confined to the house, so going away for a few days/going to a festival etc is completely reasonable if it’s alleviating the stress


Thank you, I know you’re right but the logical part of my brain is MIA

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It’s really inappropriate.

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Feeling so sad and anxious and mostly self loathing- ive squandered a great opportunity by being too caught up in giving myself excuses due to depression and when i look at how many fuck ups i justified or brushed off in the last few months im horrified at myself and so angry at myself. Im so bad at handling things and dont know what to do, i always have this mentality of not caring too much about the future as i dont really see one, but then being too cowardly to end my life so im constantly thrust into a life im unprepared for, in some weird limbo where im just existing in stasis but time is moving forward which means i keep thinking “if only i did this this and this, i would be sorted” but i didnt because day to day everything is a struggle and i just end up living for the day and never preparing because its too much. Dont know how to handle it or what to do

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It’s all so invasive!

I understand people want to try and remove the stigma around MH but when people who don’t know what it’s like to suffer with MH issues try and put things into place it can border on the patronising. Not only that, but as the author of that post states it can create a hugely intimidating environment for sufferers to try and navigate.

Someone on IG posted something the other day which resonated around how MH awareness week has had a direct and negative impact on their own MH because it all seems so easy, it almost dehumanises those of us that are in the midst of an MH shit storm.

The intentions are to be applauded, but the execution needs work.


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Just leaving this little sub-thread so people know where their posts have gone.


Perf work col! :+1:

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Btw - don’t think I’ve said… nice to see you back around these parts :+1:


Thanks love! I’m just popping up now and then but still trying to limit my involvement. Theres a lot of people here I like and care about so it’s hard to stay away sometimes :slight_smile:


Of course. Goes without saying that Meo has to do Meo first rather than worry about us, but good to see you popping up anyway :slight_smile:




I have felt the horrible anxious tension that dominated and ruined my twenties again in the last few days.

I have mostly been struggling with feeling drained and depressed of late, but I feel myself disintegrating at this moment into the old horrible, twitchy, tortured neurotic state.

it makes me feel like what got me free of this initially was just a fluke confluence of external factors. I don’t know how to fight it at this moment.

I feel like maybe it’s repressed feelings, that I have lost my equilibrium entirely for a number of reasons.


mostly just feel blank lately, like the best is over. no motivation to do anything, no real enjoyment to be had in things i usually enjoy. think i’ve mentioned this before but living in quite a studenty area is one thing among many that i can’t be doing with anymore, just makes me sad i wasted so much time and quite resentful towards these young people, which is absurd i know. we’re moving in a little over a month so hopefully that will fix that.

but yeah, mostly i’m just soul-deep bored and tired right now. most of my colleagues irritate me, i’m fidgety and anxious at home, i’m not sleeping right, my plans for this year have mostly gone to shit. it’s all on me, i can’t stop feeling like i’m on the world’s dullest carousel. really need to get my shit together.