**New** Mental Health Thread (2018/19 Rolling)

I desperately wish I could be outside and feel free. I think it’s the hottest day of the year and I’m wasting away

Dude I’ve been proud of you for not wearing a hat the last few times I have seen you. I was shocked to be so underwhelmed by what I saw - your hair just looks like everyone else’s! (in a good way)

I can’t really understand how this affects you but I can only reiterate that nobody who matters cares how much/little hair you have on your head. Try to not let it hold you back. Don’t cancel things with the girl unless you absolutely have to - you’ll regret it.

Beards > head hair, anyway :slight_smile:


Sorry you’re so low, bud.

As you allude to, it’s hard to take compliments with stuff like appearance issues because ultimately they don’t change what your eyes see, and i know from personal experience that people can get stuck in a cycle of negative black or white thoughts.

I’ve always put a lot of emphasis on my weight, i guess it’s quite common. Over a number of years i’d trained my brain to think that slim equals happiness and excess weight made me worthless. No inbetween. Then i lost a lot of weight and it didn’t solve anything. The compliments were nice but i didn’t believe them because ultimately my issues were as psychological as they were physical. I didn’t suddenly have more joy with women and wasn’t that much more confident. I’d spent so long disliking myself. Obviously different peoples issues aren’t like-for-like, but maybe there’s a middle ground somewhere for you.

Dependent on where you’re thinning there will be answers out there for you - short-term fixes, transplants, etc, if those are roads you’d be willing and able to go down.

Look after yourself.

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@incandenza dots speaks the truth, listen to his wisdom xxx


I’m also receding at the corners and dreading it a bit cos of my peanut head. weird cos when I see other people who are losing their hair I never think anything of it, other than it sometimes looks cute

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Sorry to blather on and on about this but I’m really depressed at the amount of weight I’ve gained due to being on antipsychotics. Finally I’ve found a doctor who is willing (actually encouraging) to let me try an anticonvulsant which should have no effect on my weight. I just feel like I’ll never lose this 20kg, I never have anything to wear because my clothes either don’t fit or feel uncomfortable and I can’t afford to buy new ones right now. I’m so demotivated and never want to exercise, I mean I think I eat all right and barely ever snack but I have no idea how to lose weight really, especially not 20kg. Ergh. Sorry because I know this is a teeny tiny issue compared to other people here, I just wanted to get it out.

Have you considered some kind of team sport to get involved with? Might be a boost to both you physical and mental health? I’m specifically recommending a team because 1) if there’s other people involved it’s less easy to just give up 2) when you’re chasing a ball around sometimes you don’t even notice you’re doing exercise. 3) playing with other people can have a real boost to mood.

Just a thought…

In theory this sounds like a great idea, and thanks for suggesting it, but I don’t think it’d work for me. I’m a lone wolf when it comes to exercise and sport.

That’s a shame cause I think there’s real benefits from playing a team but fair enough if you don’t like it. How about setting yourself a target. A few years back when I was really unfit I set myself a target of doing a triathlon and told everyone which meant I had to commit to the training and see it through. Or you could become a bike wanker :grimacing:.

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Hahaha yeah I could, I do have a bike…

I know, I KNOW I just need to get out there and do it. Facing the reality that I can no longer run half marathons is shit though. I don’t even think I could run 5k now. I should do couch to 5k or something. I just wish I had a friend to motivate me or come with me or something to push me a little. :frowning: I’m sorry, all this doesn’t really belong in this thread I don’t think.

Shame there’s no Parkrun in the Netherlands.


Otherwise I would be all over that :frowning: I did it in the uk on visits sometimes

Have you considered CBT? I think it could be really helpful for you.

We could try and do some sort of virtually motivating each other if you want? I would like to lose about 1.5 stone. We could check in with each other each day to motivate and encourage each other? I find I’m really good for several weeks at a time but then stop. So maybe me being good at getting going could help you get started and into a routine and you could help me when I start losing interest? Or we could start an accountability thread that anyone could join?


It does belong in the thread, it’s clearly having quite a big impact on your mental health.

Starting to exercise can be really tough if you’re not in a good place. Maybe just try really small steps to get going, literally, get a pedometer and try to do an extra hundred steps a day or something, work your way up to a run…?


Try to do a little bit of exercise every day, even if only a walk round the block - then you might be able to increase the amount you do without noticing


This sounds exactly like the kind of thing I had in mind <3 I will PM you, also feel free to start the thread and I will be all over it!


Really sorry to read this. I’m not suggesting that it’s the same, but I lost all of my hair at a young age - so I can empathise to a degree. All too happy to chat via PM if you think that it might in any way help.

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Thanks for replying guys :slight_smile: I think that’s a good point about starting small, I think I’m overwhelmed at the thought of what I used to be able to do and it makes me think there’s no point in doing anything, which is not true at all, every small thing counts and can be built upon.