**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


I know what you mean re: the songs, btw. most for me are attached to times in the last eight years when I’ve been anxious, or more lately when I have listened to them on repeat as a crutch, daydreaming because reality is too hard to face.


I’ve learned the hard way that it’s an absolute fools errand to invest any emotions into an online date person until you’re actually seeing each other. Up until then you’re just opening yourself to be hurt/disappointed again and again. Like even girls who I’ve exchanged hundreds of messages with before the first date I don’t think of as anything more than a figment of my imagination, because that’s what they are until your relationship with them becomes tangible.


I know this. it doesn’t mean I can do it, being unemotional.


not feeling good at all. don’t want to talk about it or have anyone say anything to me. just wanted to say that much.


you know how sometimes depression is so bad that you swear you can feel your brain shrinking?

(I know you can’t actually feel your brain)


Absolutely. I’m sorry you’re struggling so much at the moment mate. x


I’m such an empty shell right now. Engaging my brain at work is a massive struggle, I just sit here doing practically nothing, and despite having great friends I feel like I have nothing to offer them. I’m no good at conversations and I rarely have something funny or insightful to say about anything. My brain is failing and it feels like I’m losing a piece of myself every day like a cliff slowly eroding. Just a matter of time before there’s nothing left at all. I get jealous of people in the news who have died in unfortunate circumstances, why do good people have to die instead of me, just want to be put out of my misery.


I know exactly how you feel. pretty much.

got all sorts I could read, listen to watch, all sorts I could do, think about, muse upon, but depression is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m more of a reactive conversationalist anyway - at least I have become one. so this just compounds things.

I just don’t believe in myself anymore. and as such, I find it hard to care about anything enough to talk about it - in fact, most things I actively feel bad about.


Sorry mate. Have you sought help from anywhere?


I think you’d be very surprised if you tried to run again! Whenever I’ve had big periods of not exercising or putting on weight and I’ve got back into it, it’s never been as bad as I thought it would be.

Maybe try to run home from work one day when you’re back? Might be good to be doing that journey anyway and just walking/running then building up to a longer route?

You can do it gp!!!


I’m in for that!! I gots some goals x


Yey! I will start the thread this weekend :smile:


constant thoughts of suicide for a while here. as well as the usual vague hoping that I’ll be hit by a lorry, i got in a loop thinking that if my family was hit by a lorry I would be able to die without it hurting them.

which is probably the worst thing I’ve thought.

yeah dunno, hope you’re all feeling ok, you’re all lovely.


So sorry to hear you’re feeling like this. Stay strong man, we’re all here for you. Lots o love. Xx


I don’t know if I can say anything that will help but if you ever need to talk you can message me. Do use the samaritans as well, especially if you’re feeling really low or like you might do something to harm yourself. Have you spoken to your GP? xx


Finished my current counselling sessions. Done CBT twice and now this. Tbh it was really good, and it has helped.


Sorry to hear that man. I’ve had times when I’ve thought similar things and it’s incredibly distressing. Try not to be too angry with yourself - you are not your thoughts.


Morning DiS.

I’ve had a difficult week with PTSD stuff. I was a wreck Monday, feeling better on Tuesday and Wednesday, though in the evening I got really upset about something that happened between me and a friend a few months back, and I ended up taking a valium to calm me down.

Today I can’t stop feeling like I want to cry. I don’t know if it’s an overhang from last night or not. Also, I’m wondering if this is all just a symptom of reducing my Sertraline from 100mg to 50mg. Did this happen to anyone?


I’ve recently dropped from 50mg to none - and have had some of the night sweats I got with it, plus some increase in anxiety. Nothing too bad though and nothing I haven’t been able to handle/ rationalise away

Dwelling on past upsets is definitely a major feature of my anxiety problems


I know it’s cheesy and overly simplistic but the other day I listened to this song and it helped me put some of the bullshit I get hung up on aside for a while