**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


im not sure… I’ve found a number so I’ll call tomorrow and ask for the email to be sent

it’s one of these services where one of the few pieces of information they give you is that if you miss two appointments THEY WILL DISCHARGE YOU

just cant get passed the irony of this being the process for people who have gone to their doctor cause they’ve felt suicidal and they’re worried about my ‘safety’ (the words used in a phone message I got). wish I knew more about why the health service is so fucked so I could properly advocate for change.


Good luck…make sure you come back here to rant if needed (sadly, there’s a high chance of that).

Absolutely hate this kind of policy and, as you say, it’s totally counter-intuitive when dealing with people who are struggling. There’s a pervasive nastiness in how “non attendance” is perceived…yet this is an area where all staff should understand the social anxiety/pressure/myriad of reasons why people can’t always make an appointment (let alone, in your case, things that are completely their fault).

Sorry…I’ve gotten a bit angry, but I can empathise with your situation. I hope you get some positive progress.


it’s a fucking disgrace, my relative had a psychotic break with a massive persecution complex and the literature they got when they came out from being sectioned had that shit on it. like how is that even conscionable? arghghghghhghgh


I had one which cancelled an appointment due to bereavement (absolutely fair enough) and asking me to call to rearrange or I’d be removed from the list.

One of the main things I’d told them I was having problems with during my triage session was making phonecalls. :grimacing:


The phone call thing with this annoys me too, as I think it is fairly common for people with high anxiety to really struggle with speaking on the phone. Yet they won’t usually let you have someone else speak for, and there isn’t any alternative like being able to text or email. This stuff really annoys me, it is obviously not set up with the specific needs of a lot of the service users in mind.


sometimes feel I am way too rubbish at too many grown up things and should just give up on life altogether.

Was really foolish of me to think playing around at making music and art would count for anything.

Really regret huge parts of my life right now :frowning:

(I know lots of you are in a worse situation than me so sorry for posting but I dunno, it’s nice to get your despair out sometimes, sorry)


Having like actual suicidal thoughts for the first time in quite a long time. I just want it to be out of my hands, some kind of terminal illness, or an accident. I know I’d never be able to bring myself to actually do it. My life is about to fall apart.


Hey PM

Sorry to hear you’re feeling so desperate :frowning: please know that there are plenty of people here who love you and care for you and I’m sure there are other people in your life who do too.

Please keep reaching out and we will keep supporting you.

I hope things get better for you soon. Xxx


Bam, can I ask why you’re not interested in pursuing the art and the music to a level where you’d profit and gain a following? I’m not meaning to sound blade or harsh, I’m just genuinely curious as to why. You’re a talented man, I remember listening to your old stuff when I was on DiS a long time ago and you’ve still got it. You can tell me to go fuck myself or that I’m being insensitive, and I’m really sorry if that’s the case, I just really think that with a bit of pushing, be that by yourself, us on here, someone else, you could banish these regrets and really do something meaningful.


I don’t know, some people have trouble with the logistics of life I guess and also I don’t feel I’m that good or deserving of praise so it’s easier not to bother.

Thanks for making the effort to reply though, it’s appreciated


Yeah trust me I understand that logistics thing all too well. I can tell you how good you are, and so can everyone else here, but I guess until you feel it even a little bit yourself, then it’s not happening. You are fucking brilliant though man.


thanks very much, I will try to carry on making music as it gives me something to do and stops my brain having bad thoughts for a while


Had my first mind counselling session today. Actually feeling pretty positive about it…everyone suits different styles and I’d always avoided stuff like CBT because I feel that I understand my own thought processes (and why they’re not always helpful) already. Counselling just allows me to get everything off my chest, with a bit of signposting.

We’ll see how it goes, not expecting miracles but it might give me motivation to make some important changes. If it is any good…I’ll be recommending it to anyone who it might apply to :slight_smile:


been referred for CBT on the NHS which will take 3 months apparently.


Talk about doves crying. I feel awful at this time of year. Feel like I’m spoiling everyone else’s enjoyment of the weather because of my grotesque appearance.


Not sure if anyone can identify with this but for me, something I find difficult when my mental health is poor, is the ability to police my thoughts about other people. I find myself prey to petty and resentful thoughts about the people in my life, many of whom are close to me like my housemates. Its such an ugly aspect of me and obviously it’s self perpetuating because it makes me feel really shit about myself.


Obviously the wait is rubbish, but this sounds like progress and at that time will pass quickly so I hope it in some way feels positive for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Also hope it’s of benefit to you. I had some CBT in my 20s which I felt was wasted at the time (nothing seemed to be helping back then, so it all felt pretty pointless), but longer term I think it’s ended up helping me maintaining a better balance with my menal health.


Had a massive nosedive again today after having to go to the shops earlier. Seeing everyone out and enjoying shopping/on the way to a football game I couldn’t afford to go to/drinking etc just made me massively, overwhelmingly sad that at the age of 33, I (and my wife) can’t properly live life to any degree at all. I know money isn’t everything, and there are free things we could be or have been doing but it’s also nice to enjoy nice things (anything really) sometimes. I’ve applied for job after job, thought I was getting somewhere and now seem to be back to square one weeks later. My wife can’t work at the moment (her own MH issues) and is starting a masters in September so the onus is really on me to provide for us. This is just a vent really, and I know deep down I’m doing all I can to remedy the situation but Fridays and Saturdays are the worst time to be living in a city centre with absolutely no money.


Sorry you are struggling mate, I know too well that having no money is real tough, at least you have each other right?

Hope things pick up for both of you soon x


Thanks Bam, I think it’s the money thing combined with not having anything to really do most days that’s getting to me. But yeah you’re right, it’s good that we’ve got one another, it’s just good to get it out via a different outlet sometimes!