**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


That’s rough man - is there no way of getting out of it? No one who can cover?

At least you’re being proactive in making an appointment - that’s not a small thing when you’re feeling super anxious.

Hope you feel better soon :hugs:


I am the cover :smiley: It’s ridiculous, there’s only one person booked in and there’s a decent chance she won’t show up anyway, I’m just not in the headspace to do it.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:


I’m finding myself to be really bored at work at the moment and I just feel like my brain is numb and theres nothing going on up there.
I’ve just been feeling so low since Monday. I’ve got a real case of the sads and I just want to cry all of the time and theres no real reason why but I just feel like I want to burst out crying.

I’ve had my usual gym things this week and they’ve not done anything for me. I usually spend the classes laughing lots and having fun cause it’s with a nice small bunch of girls but I didn’t even laugh once during the class on Monday cause I’m feeling mega low.

Dunno what to do tbh and hoping it’ll pass. Might go have a small toilet cry.


Definitely seems to be the right thing. If it was well-intentioned (but misguided) she would probably feel mortified to think it has affected you. But she needs to understand that she should really have kept schtum


Sadness or anxiety or depression or any negative emotion is always amplified when you’re bored, that’s for sure. You’re doing well by still going to your gym classes though! I’d have binned them off if I was feeling low. I really hope you’re feeling better soon. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear this :frowning:

Hope you can at least take some comfort from the fact that you know it will pass sooner or later.


I thought I’d gotten it under control earlier this year; the worst moments, where I’m staring dead-eyed into a mirror with a pair of hair-cutting scissors, or feeling like I want to punch myself in the face or whatever, I’m pretty sure these are moments of acute body dysmorphia.

it affects me when I’m speaking to people, too. my throat tightens up, I get really conscious of my voice, I feel it getting shrill, it’s like a feedback loop of self-loathing.

I’d managed to notice when I was falling victim to these moments and swerve them, somehow. it’s really hard to do that of late.


Thanks GP, unfortunately I had such a brilliant session and a spin class but something has brought me crashing back down and I’ve had a big cry again.
I’ve cried every day since Friday and it’s not hormonal! Not sure what’s going on but it needs to end now pls.


25 years stumbling through a litany of minor variations to the self fulfilling prophecy inherent in someone whose actions are entirely defined by their failure not to be a total fuck up, yet it still amazes me how contradictory my emotions can be when things start to come crashing down- so completely terrified of where things might end up; so fucking bored by the predictability of it all. You know how this goes.

If there was a point to writing this, it must have wondered off somewhere in the first 500 words of that opening sentence. Shambles.


Gonna have a go at that later i think at lunch - cheers man.


Does anyone have any tips for helping with a stutter?

My anxiety and fear of talking to people, going out etc seems to be getting worse by the week and something that i have noticed is that i am stuttering more and more when trying to speak to people. Never had a stutter or even the hint of one when i was younger but i’ve noticed over the past 5 years or so one is developing and seemingly getting worse, Happens at work quite a lot and with friends also. Pretty much the only person it never happens with is my wife. Its driving me mad its just so frustrating so if anyone has to deal with this it would be good. I just don’t want it to get worse but t seems to be.


i watched an interview james o’brien with scroobius pip where he mentioned tapping out certain words - more info in this article

hope this is useful!


I remember Daniel Kitson saying something about doing the same thing. Not sure how it works but might be worth looking into.

I hope that link helps - like I say some hero posted it ages ago and it’s got some useful grounding exercises for when your mind feels like it’s unraveling. Hope you feel better soon.


I used to have quite a bad one as a kid. Most of my worst memories as a youngster involve having to speak aloud. I basically behaved badly all through junior school and barely went to high school to avoid it. It got worse in my late teens after a few years of smoking cannabis and becoming more and more withdrawn. At a point in my early twenties i wouldn’t make phonecalls, or get on a bus.

Mine seemed to change when i got a new job when i was around 25. I was under the impression it was purely a manual job, but when i got there it involved having to ring customers to take orders before dispatching them, etc. The first few days were horrendous. I was stood right next to my supervisor and manager and could barely get words out. I’d turn my mobile off and ring that and pretend to speak to customers, then go to the toilet and ring them properly. Sometimes i’d hang up on them. Had this weird sort of thing where if they picked up and i was already mid-sentence i could wing it.

It was so far out of my comfort zone that it became a sort of sink or swim thing. After a few weeks i stopped hating it. After a few months it became second nature to the point i wondered what i’d been worried about. It’s like learning to play darts or something of that nature, getting that kind of muscle memory thing working. I found that specific ice breakers helped in the short-term. I always found words starting with vowels came out easier, so i had a few that i’d use, even if it meant rushing them out or saying them slower.

Honestly think there’s a lot in the facing your fears head on stuff. If you’re scared of heights, jump out of a plane. If you’re scared of speaking, do it for a living or get on a stage, etc. Obviously it’s daunting as fuck, but it can be built up slowly. Maybe a good first port of call would be making sure you phone someone you don’t know every day, anyone, ring an estate agent about a flat, or a library about a book, etc. There’ll probably be a support group near you as well. Getting up and speaking to a group of people will help.


Pip once accidentally tweeted his phone number and received a call from a young man who said he had been helped by Magician’s Assistant but who had decided nevertheless to take his own life. Talking to the man, it emerged he had bought tickets to a Scroobius Pip gig in a couple of months time. Pip reminded him “at some point recently you have had something to live for, I hope I see you at the gig”. The man did attend, and Pip dedicated the song to him (although he says he wouldn’t be bold enough to suggest his gigs are a great reason to live).

Man, this is a beautiful story.


My uni gave me a gym referral and this place lets you pretend you’re running around Rome and I’ve got a fancy key so I think I’ll start using the gym cause Rome’s good.


oh man, that sounds really tough. Some real good tips also but it all sounds very scary. For instance i avoid the phone like the plague so ringing someone every day sounds impossible but i know i have to face that at some point (i preach about ‘death by email’ but then email everyone as i hate talking!!

I haven’t really thought about the words i stumble on or anything so i’m going to start paying attention to that - its interesting you mention words beginning with vowels helping you. Does your stutter still come back or is it still there then? I get so frustrated and end up vocalising that which then derails what i’m saying and, well yea, its just a mess.

Feel like i’m just slipping further and further at the moment. shit sucks.


I’ll check that in a bit cheers man. All tips needed as it’s getting infuriating.

This thread man, what a great place with great folks inside.


Hi everyone. I’ve been wanting to post something in here for a long time but lacked the strength to do so. Here goes…

Over the past nine months I’ve come to realise that my mental health isn’t that great. Since I was about ten or so I’ve had spells where I’ve been, for want of a better word, grumpy. I get really down and withdrawn and find it difficult to talk to people. Those spells usually fade after a week or two, but they come on seemingly without cause. I’ve got better at identifying that they’re happening, which is a good step forward, but I now get cross at myself when I’m in one of those states, which if anything is a step backwards.

I don’t ever feel that these times are seriously ‘bad’ so I’ve never thought to seek help. But looking back my partner’s said how difficult it is to live with me at those times, and my bosses have said that I’d be much further in my career if I could contain them. (I’m fortunate that I’ve had the sort of professional relationships where I can honestly talk about such things)

I now realise that I need some kind of help… but I’ve no idea where to start. It doesn’t feel serious enough to go to my GP, and I don’t know what other routes to take. Even though I get extremely down and withdrawn during those periods, I feel guilty even posting in here.

If it’s ok, I’m looking for some advice from anyone that’s able to do so. What should I be doing? I know I want to be ‘better’, but I don’t know how to even begin achieving that.

Sorry if this isn’t the right place.


It is