**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


If it’s affecting your personal and professional life - and you’ve described how it’s affecting both - it’s absolutely enough to go to a GP about. It’s up to you whether you do or not but if you’re worried they’ll think you’re wasting their time that’s absolutely not the case and I think it’s something everyone worries about before going.


I think most people with mental health issues feel like this, but if you’re concerned then it’s always a good idea to talk to your GP. If you feel there’s something not right it’s good to get checked out sooner rather than later, prevention being better than cure and all that.


Yea, totally the right place and you should go to the GP. I know its hard but it’s a step i made this year and despite me feeling far from well, i feel better for making that step and knowing that i am doing something. My wife also feels better that i am doing so - i hadn’t appreciated how worried she was about me.


Wanted to be dead yesterday, feel fine today. It’s a funny old thing, isn’t it? Important to remember this on future down days…


Absolutely this. I was ‘grumpy’ for ages but it started to tip further towards ‘angry’ to the point where I was blowing up at my partner and, somewhat embarrassingly, at work. MH is quite a broad spectrum and wherever you fall on it you’re not undeserving of help.


Ok, thanks everyone. I’ll investigate making an appointment with my doctor and go from there.

(I feel a bit foolish now)


Don’t feel foolish - I’ve been on the anti-depressant carousel for years now and every time I have to make an appointment with the GP I think, “but am I even really depressed? Am I taking up time they could be spending with actually sick people?” It’s natural and hard to get over.

Good luck :+1:


I agree - make an appointment with your GP.

Also you could try googling the name of where you live and ‘talking therapies’. If that doesn’t yield any results try where you live and ‘IAPT’. There may be services that you can self-refer to in addition to seeing your doctor.


Thanks - I’ve done that and found a local ‘talking spaces’ consultancy to which I can self-refer. Seems like the right first step for me so I’ll give that a go.


Best of luck with it - whatever route(s) you end up taking I really hope you find some benefit from seeking and finding help. The first step is often one of the toughest to take. Wishing you well, mate.


Fuck so after one of my worst meltdowns I get home and now have just read the news about Denis Ten. Just feel so so sick. How is it fair that wonderful people die when I don’t want to live?


Also really worried about my memory. I’m sure it’s just tired to stress and depression but I’ve been forgetting things a lot lately - leaving the oven or tap on two or three times a week, forgetting to lock my house and the car, forgetting my PIN number (I have never had even slight hesitation with it and yet I still don’t think I can remember it after forgetting it this afternoon).


Stress can definitely do that. I had to fill up with petrol before an exam once and I completely blanked out because I was stressing out about the exam. Can’t remember what I did at the time, but be kind to yourself, and I’m sure it’ll come back to you once things calm down.


@PocketMouse rob is right, I once forgot my PIN when moving apartment because I was so stressed out. Fingers crossed you remember it soon!


shit I’ve literally just forgotten mine after reading this. Super weird and unsettling. what the fuck was it?!?


I only remember mine half the time because of the muscle memory of typing the numbers in without looking


just locked it ffs


left work early today cos i was having really bad anxiety and getting nothing done :confused:

came home and got straight into bed


Forgot about an appointment with the consultant dermatologist at the hospital last week and only remembered pretty much as they would have expected to call me in. Had to phone up to say that I couldn’t make it and apologise profusely. Ironically, I really wanted to make this one because I think my methotrexate (to control eczema) is contributing to a recent drop in my mental state, amongst other things. Like @rob.orch said, once the fog of stress dissipates, things click back into place and in the meanwhile, be kind to yourself.


anyone have a problem with constant wanderlust/grass is always greener shit? I constantly find myself pining for other places (be it Glasgow, Berlin, London etc) so I never feel settled anywhere :confused: