**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


My Junes from 2013 - 2017 (inclusive) were all fucking horrible and either led to spikes of deeply unhealthy emotions at best, or full-on triggered long bouts of depression. June this year was great thankfully but I was really starting to think I was cursed or something.

Best of luck that you can also break your month curse xxx


Tried signing up to this but was too expensive, but if circumstances change I’m definitely doing it. Looks worthwhile. Best of luck mate.


Is it worth maybe saving and planning to do something next August, like a little trip or something which may distract you and break the cycle.


Yeah I’m going to a couple festivals this month however that hasn’t nevcesarily stopped me in the past


Thats a shame man, it’s hard. Recognising it is part of the battle though. Enjoy the festivals!


I may give it a go as it’s definitely getting worse. Haven’t had to speak in front of a large group for a while so don’t know how that is but in everyday interactions it’s so annoying. I think i generally deal with it ok but just get really frustrated and obviously with general anxiety issues also its making me scared shitless of opening my mouth.

Going to a disciplinary hearing today so am going to try and take my time over everything i say and think about my sentence in advance before vocalising it.

Thanks as always folks x


An old friend of mine has a wellness/spirituality/self-help blog and he’s just been featured on the Medium homepage with this article. Raises a lot of good points and new ways of thinking about things. it helped me, so thought I’d share.


Thank you guys so much :sob:
I feel a lot better as well, I don’t post much on social media etc but spend loads of time engaging with it so leaving the whole internet sounds super dramatic but it helped me feel more in control and a lot better, all I did using the internet really was watch hours of Netflix (really enjoyed the new ointb, Riverdale and a Japanese drama called switched lol)
Thanks everyone for your concern, it means a lot!!


on a crushing low. something got said to me, about me, which in theory was not a big deal. but true to form it is currently burrowing itself into my confidence double-quick, and essentially now steamrollering over upcoming events i had otherwise been looking forward to this year. heavy heart/anxious tummy of self loathing and i don’t think i can eat lunch at this point. hooray.


big hugs Xylo mate :hugs:

I know at this stage it’s hard to believe. but I just want to remind you that whatever was said is probably either not true or not a massive problem/flaw. With the down you’re going through right now will come the eventual up… it does get better.



thank you big man. am sure you’re right. it was unfortunately the sort of thing that is so broad in scope that it’s basically very very hard to compartmentalise and take as a thing on its own/separate from general anxiety, which is what’s giving me such heartache. i’ll be reet i’m sure xx


Look after yourself fella.


I know saying stuff like this often doesn’t help but it’s pretty clear to us here that you are:

. a very caring and generous person
. intelligent and artistic
. good looking and fit
. hard working and capable of getting along with all sorts

Try not to let it bother you xylo, you’re the total package!


… you forgot that he’s turned baldness into a look to ASPIRE to


that’s incredibly lovely of you. self worth is so weird isn’t it? like you don’t know what you ‘rate yourself’ by until you hear something or consider something, and it can build you up or smash holes in your confidence.


i will shave every board member’s head for free if they visit me.


Except @imipolex’s I hope. (I think I’ve got the right person) He has beautiful hair.


even @lastdino (although that’s so i can then staple his hair to my own head)


we’re all probably shaped by the traumas of our past more than we would like to admit, only natural that we find it hard to see ourselves sometimes. This is why we all need friends :slight_smile:


Dunno if it’s controversial but I really feel like religion has absolutely no place in counselling. The counsellors personal beliefs should have no influence or bareing on the treatment.

But then again many of my intrusive thoughts are largely fed by a fear of judgement from other people, and in turn, religious people. At my worst I walk around angry/worried that people could be looking at me and thinking yes he’s going to burn in hell cos he lives a secular life etc. Or I’ll be watching films or listening to music and get anxious cos I panic like 'what would a liberal or conservative religious person think of this’ll etc.

Been going on years now and I know I’ve rambled on about this before. But I think the exhaustion of holiday the last week and seeing all these hideous business type churches in the US (so many of them seemed almost vulgar and disingenuous) that’s triggered a wobble.