**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


Yeah, I think there is a new level of tension here which is not going to dissapate until at the very least when I move out, it was that level of argument.

I am really sorry that you still feel the trauma of those things in your family too :frowning:




Sorry to go slightly away from this thread’s general M.O…but this tweet and all the replies has been pretty harrowing to read (CW: MH crisis and poor responses).

I’m sure some of this is very familiar to people on here. The one’s I find must shocking are the responses completely lacking in empathy (“try changing your mindset” or “you didn’t really want to kill your self”). The other cases are either people being brushed off because their care can’t be afforded (again, shocking, but very difficult to deal with as a professional)…or, in some cases, a situation where achievable solutions are unknown to both professional and the person seeking care. There is no excuse for lack of empathy…but sometimes there isn’t immediate path to end suffering, no matter how much it is needed.


There’s some harrowing responses in there. But there are a few that seem to suggest their mental health problems are the fault of capitalism (which isn’t an entirely unreasonable suggestion tbf) and I’m not sure what they expect an overworked GP to do about that? No excuse for lack of empathy, agreed, but smashing the system is a little beyond a doctors remit.


my mum got completely cut off from the mental health care team about 9 months ago with no warning. She used to see an occupational therapist once a week who worked on lists with her to try and get her out of the house and get her confidence up. One day she just stopped showing up. Got a letter through saying that she didn’t need help anymore and haven’t seen anyone since.

She’s on about 8 different medications and has an appointment like once every two years to review her medication other than that completely abandoned.

This is no doubt the reality for thousands of people in this country


That was one (there were probably more) that stuck out for me, too. It’s undoubtedly a good reason for increasing mental pressure…but perhaps not a useful example for dismissing practical suggestions.

Without trying to sound too clinical…in situations like that I believe the trick is to promote a kind of balance. Be aware of the socio-political problems that exacerbate mh issues and campaign for change where possible…but also pull back enough to protect your own wellbeing.


That’s horrible Bam, I’m so sorry for the stress that will cause both your mum and also yourself :frowning:

These things are probably becoming increasingly common. We’re reaching a point now where the nhs may be beyond saving, there’s too much damage caused


I went to A&E feeling suicidal not long ago. posted about it, I think. I didn’t even get a printout, and there had been nobody around for like, an hour, before I left in the early hours of the morning.


I mean it’s not ok but I have come to terms with it. Accepting it and getting by with no help from the NHS is the best way to stay positive really :slight_smile:


Well that takes a lot of strength and your mum is lucky to have you (and vice versa I’m sure)


Yeah, absolutely. It’s a fine balance and difficult to get right a lot of the time but that’s the only advice you can really give someone in that sort of head space. And isn’t something easily prescribed. There absolutely needs to be a rethink of mental health provision in the UK though, which isn’t something that seems likely to happen any time soon sadly.


Yes absolutely. The model is completely fucked. Most people I’ve trained with who are also of this opinion are seriously considering leaving the UK


I remember this. Was around about the same time that Hunt was wibbling on Twitter about how important MH services are and that he was giving them parity with other services (he wasn’t and didn’t).

Hope you’re having a good MH day today mate. x


I can’t say I blame them. It doesn’t help the people suffering here, though it must take a lot to work within a system that seems to be actively working against you offering any real help to people.


cheers man x


It’s quite a difficult position. Training naturally has a predominantly positive focus (at least in theory, not necessarily practice) so it is natural to seek out environments that allow you to use your skills that you were taught (currently much more common in Canada/Aus than here).

Personally, I would feel too guilty doing that…but this leads me to conclude that I won’t go far beyond the age of 50 in a frontline job…and would probably look at teaching/research or charity setup.

Think I’ve derailed this thread enough now


Does anybody have any particular tips for combatting fatigue…especially muscular aches that show up worst in the morning?

Largely aware that my addiction issues will have impacted on this significantly, but that doesn’t mean traditional things won’t help. According to the internet I might suffer from low serotonin levels both as a reason for and side effect from addiction…so any advice about raising that would be relevant too.


A 10 minute stretching routine before sleep and first thing in the morning can really help.


I’ve had one of those shitty anxiety days today, and I think reading this might have triggered it somewhat.

(Not to put the blame on the poster at all)

But I just wanted to say…although it’s good to talk about MH and be aware of it, there is something in my mind that says the proliferation of MH articles etc. isn’t always a good thing?

Like even if it’s supposed to be progressive, the actual immersion in it can be quite exhausting. One of the main reasons I’ve steered well clear of things like Twitter.


And obviously the issues in that thread are hugely important