**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


Perhaps it sounds counter intuitive in the first case, but exercise would probably help with both the muscular aches (over time) and it’s proven to help increase serotonin levels as well.

In the shorter term, aside from stretching, self massage with a foam roller may help with the aches (or since they’re muscular) deep heat/ibuprofen gels (although I’d take care with the latter given your addiction issues).


I’ll try this one this evening, thank you.

@colinzealuk currently my issue is doing a lot of low-intensity exercise (typically around 15-20,000 steps a day) which is just compounding the fatigue. If I can reduce that and just maybe even do 10 minutes where I start pumping blood faster could really help. Don’t get on with running though, makes my teeth hurt.


In hindsight I think you’re right…that twitter thread, whilst linked to mental health, has more place in a political thread, whereas this should be a safe space to talk about individual issues.

Hope things improve for you soon.


Had second appointment with therapist today. She says a lot of things that I don’t expect and find really thought provoking which is very different from previous experiences. Find the first few minutes a bit hard going but after that it’s… I genuinely had no idea I could talk that much.


Sounds good. Hope it goes well for you.


Nah it was completely fine thing to post here

It just made me think about things in a wider context


hope it goes well for you pm


Hopefully this is an indication they’re right for you. Fingers crossed!


Have you fairly recently increased the amount of walking you’re doing? If so, that could be the trigger, if not the only cause.


You’d be surprised how easy it can be to trick the body sometimes. I often wake up with headaches, but if i split my sleep i tend to not get them. Same with hangovers. It might not work, don’t want to give you duff information, but if you sleep for, say, eight hours, set your alarm for midway through and have half an hour up and about, providing you can nod back off, of course.

Guess it depends what’s causing your fatigue. I’ve no idea if mine’s gastrointestinal or mental or neither or both. Some mornings i can barely lift my thighs.

Fatigue’s a fucker.


Mr. CBT Man thinks the reason I may be struggling with CBT and expressing my feelings is I might be on the autistic spectrum somewhere. :confused:


Don’t be bummed about it, it might be a great chance to discover why you have the problems that you face, and it might give you an opportunity to tackle them. I know a few people who’ve had similar diagnosis’s and it has made a big difference to them.


Ex-girlfriend messaged for the first time earlier, asking how I was. I popped off a bit, explained (in a really, really nice way) how shitty she treated me. She replied ‘okay, I get it, too soon to text. Just trying to be nice’, instead of being magnanimous and humbly saying sorry like any normal human being. Hasn’t pissed me off, has just shown me that I’m better than her and further reinforces my upwards swing in self-esteem and mood. Never settling for less again.


You’re definitely right with some of this. Occasionally, I’ll wake up at about 5 naturally…and feel better then than I would at any point after waking at 7/8. Sometimes I just think I should logically go back to sleep on those occasions…but that’s actually pretty counterproductive as I always wake feeling worse.

I won’t use alarms as you suggest, purely because I think I feel the worst effects when jolted out of deep sleep, but I will try and get up when my body tells me to.


Any of the socially anxious among us have any insight on (I guess, possibly) unintentionally being rude to people by being a bit of an awkward get? I’m a bit worried because I’m hanging around with people more often, and I feel like I come across as aloof or like I’m trying to get away from people at times.


no insights but i can relate pal


I might add another sandwich board to my list of sandwich boards I need to get made, which would read: “I’M BAD AT SOCIALISING; I’M NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE, YOU FUCKING BELLEND” or something


i think there’s a little bit of a defense mechanism thing going on sometimes, like if i’m too friendly and smiley with people i risk getting the cold shoulder and feeling like shit.


I really can’t keep doing this. More massive family arguments today. I am obviously just fucking toxic. Nothing is solvable as all options will make everything worse. Totally trapped.


I know this will sound like it’s much easier said than done but try not to focus on what other people are thinking because that is likely to exacerbate your anxiety, if that makes sense? Is there any way you can focus on small positive steps you’ve taken instead? For instance, if you manage to strike up a conversation with someone new then see that as a success rather than thinking ‘did I say enough?’ Or ‘does x think I’m rude/aloof?’. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’re being hard on yourself. You’ve said you suffer with social anxiety and also that you’ve been spending more time with people - that’s huge! Someone once said to me ‘what other people think of you is none of your business’ and I think there’s a lot of truth in that. You can’t control what other people think so just focus on what you can do, one step at a time.