**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


It’s supposed to be daily anyway but I forget sometimes. It’s mood stabilisers rather than anti-depressants though.


Had a pretty rough couple of days brought on by the fact that I’m having to go to Berlin next week to effectively end this chapter of my life there (and also being super broke in London, think I’m gonna have to go back to my parents next month, just after I turn 30…)


I feel like life would be much easier if I took diazepam every day, but it’s currently an as needed thing.


My dad died.

Found out by letter this morning.

Passed away in his late-fifties with nothing.

Been dead for four weeks and nobody’s buried him.

How does that happen?


mate that’s terrible, I’m so sorry.

Goes without saying but please feel free to talk about it openly on here if and when you need to.

Deepest condolences to you and your family.


So sorry to hear that mate.

Take it easy for a little while and remember to look after yourself, and as Bam says, we’re all here if you ever need.


Bloody hate mate

So sorry.

We are here if you need us



Shit, man. So sorry to hear that. Deepest condolences to you, try and look after yourself as best you can, I and any number of us are a DM away at any point x


That’s a horrible situation all round man. I’ve no idea how that must feel. Look after yourself man and as others have said, there’s a whole team of people here if you need them.


i’m so sorry to hear that.


Feel very tired all the time. Accidentally took a 4 hour nap today.


I requested to do this when I was going through a bad period and the dr said they would never recommend to do that cause it’s insanely addictive.
I actually find a lot of comfort knowing it’s just in my purse and I can take it if I really really need to.


Oh man, I’m so sorry xxx


So sorry to hear that, man.


I was given one prescription mid last year and still have a few left because I’m terrified of using them up. I want to ask if I can get another prescription, but I know that they’ll say no and I’ll probably get some kind of mark on my patient file. Honestly the footage is so low that it’s probably mostly placebo, but it does the job.


I’m so sorry bugduv, sending you lots of love. And as everyone else said, DMs always open x


They’re great for flying for me. The first time I used them I had a vomiting bug and had to get a flight, which is like… pretty much my nightmare scenario. And I kept it together (then went home instead of getting on a plane with a vomiting bug, but still).

I have taken them a couple of times in other situations and they’ve really helped too. I’ve only got two left though, so I need to try to get more. It was no trouble at all last time, so fingers crossed.


so sorry, jesus. not much to say that hasn’t already been said but take care of yourself and feel free to talk stuff through if you need to (here, pms, wherever)



I just call up my dr and say “I’m taking a long flight again so I need some more” and they’re ok with giving me 10 x 5mg as long as I don’t do it too often (maybe once or twice a year)


I dunno how many you had, but if it wasn’t a huge number then Meo’s probably right - they’ll likely be okay with giving you some more as you’ll have proved you’re using them responsibly.

Obviously, mileage may vary a bit depending on GP though…if you have a choice at your surgery try and pick one you get on better with.