**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


I’m going to blur out the majority of my post. It’s about alcohol, so I thought I’d give people the option of skipping it

So yesterday was 60 days without alcohol for me…but I also gave into the urge and had a few drinks (not as bad as my peak…but enough to get me drunk). It was a high-rik situation for me…home alone, with a socially stressful day today…and so I knew it was a possibility…but I am full of guilt and disappointment today. 60 days down the pan…and nothing gained. My fear is…I managed two months as I found alternatives to cravings…but once those cravings returned, I didn’t have much resolve :frowning: Even as an optimist I’m struggling today
Positives: I shouldn’t have any more temptations before Christmas…so that’s 90 days
I am still opiate free… and that was a much nastier issue


How many of the drinks you had did you enjoy? Probably Sensible Boozing 101, but it’s something i’ve tried asking myself recently. We’ll all be different, but for me it’s rarely more than three.

I get the terrors when hungover. Seriously. The more i drink the worse the anxiety and panic is. Being alcohol free’s by far the best solution, but sometimes i think, say, two beers most days might be better than twelve beers twice a month.

Do you find the urge to take opiates increases or decreases with alcohol, or no difference?


Started 20mg of citalopram in May for anxiety, had zero side effects even at the beginning. Been getting a repeat prescription since but now I need to book another appointment with the GP because it’s been four months but can’t be arsed. So I’ve gone cold turkey. Zero side effects. wtf. Like I’ve been taking sugar pills or something.


I’d be careful

the exact same thing happened to me and I was like woah I’m cured!

then it hit me again quite suddenly.

maybe ask to go back at 10mg and see how that goes?


1-0 barleysugar!

When I went on citolapram I had a few days of feeling completely spaced out, a week or two of awful sleep and about 3 weeks of being even sweatier than my normal sweaty self.

Hope you’re managing okay now you’re off them


60 days dry is absolutely brilliant though, matey. You’ve had a drink on 1 day out of 60. Much much more than most could handle. I’d say - be proud of yourself for that and then see how the next 60 days go. Don’t be too hard on yourself :+1:


Oh yeah I forgot they do make me sweat like a bastard


I do some very boring work from home just an hour a night but it makes about £200 a month on top of my part time work. the company does a couple of things with varying hours and a few for translation that could be relevant?. It’s not ‘good’ work and doesn’t even feel like a real job cause it’s all sorts of precarious but would this sort of thing be any good? I’ve a friend who does technical support for a dating app and he does 5 hours a day from home which also seems alright except he sees…things. There’s a company that a few friends work for teaching Japanese children English via Skype which could be something? Again it’s not really ‘traditional’ work so you’re missing out on a lot of the benefits of working for a U.K. based company with an office to go to and a headquarters, but could these sorts of things be useful in the short term?


I take daily but I’m really REALLY bad at keeping on top of it.


A friend was telling me that her friend shaved her head, and one of the students was really sad. so she asked if she’d wear a wig for her,and she asked what sort, and she said a long blonde one. so she went out and bought a wig and the student was so happy cause she thought she looked like a Disney princess.


It’s not 60 days down the pan. You still managed to get to 60 days, and that’s an achievement. Now you can try again


Thank you (and @froglet too…and all the likes). I am trying to be positive

@bugduv In truth, I might say that the first drink was enjoyable…but none thereafter. It was on the whole not pleasurable…but I think the guilt plays a big part in it.

My long-term aim is to have a couple of beers at the weekend/special occasions. I hope it’s achievable. When I was receiving counselling recently I worked out that I had (largely) conquered the day to day urge…but the prospect of a life without alcohol still made me anxious.

Desire to take opiates is, luckily, still very low. The memories of withdrawal are recent enough to be a deterrent, at least for now.


I think this is the truth about booze. There is an initial buzz and feeling of well-being with the first one or two but then it is very much diminishing returns. Your long term aim makes total sense - best of luck getting there :+1:


Having a few days where my brain is in a total fog and I’m tired all the time and doing simple things is utterly exhausting. I managed to drag myself to the shops for food and saying anything was nearly impossible. I think I really upset the cashier when I could barely say “no” when he asked if I was a student.


I’ve experienced similar. Literally have days where a 500-yard return trip to the shop feels like a 10k run. The main cause in my case i think has been manic stress. It might not be suitable advice for someone else, idk, but i found dietary changes helped a bit - cutting down on refined sugars, gluten and alcohol, etc.

It might be worth running it by your GP and having some blood tests. Fatigue can be an absolute fucker.


Having a bit of a rough time lately from some external factors and it feels like everything is crumbling even though I really know nothing is?
I am so emotional all of the time, feel just so sad and having bad insomnia most nights.

I’m just trying to cling on and keep busy and keep moving and hopefully it’ll pass


I hope it does, Meow. Really sorry you’re having a shitty one x


It’s really difficult to function during periods of insomnia, and it makes everything else worse. My mh is really affected by my insomnia and it becomes a cycle because then you’re anxious about not sleeping or scared to go to sleep, which just makes it worse. Have you thought about going to your gp?


That’s exactly how I get. And then during the day, my mood is just different? Like so unsettled and nervy and on edge. It’s so horrible and doesn’t help dealing with the other stuff I’ve got going on anyway.

I’ve been to my GP before for insomnia and I’ve had CBT which I didn’t find helped other than to give good sleep hygiene tips. My issue is that I wake up about 3-4am and then that’s it unless I read straight away but thats hard when you share a bed. Insomnia was much easier when I didn’t live with my bf!

I’m hoping it’ll pass soon but I fear it won’t and that just makes me more doom and gloom.


I used to wake up with anxiety between 3:30am and 5am every morning, spend from then until starting work at 7am worrying, then go into work. Now i don’t have to get up early it takes 3-5 hours to nod off. It’s total bullshit.

Never really found a solution, but when it was at it’s most manageable was when i exercised a bit later (a run after 8pm, etc) tried not to stare at screens for 2-3 hours before bed, and drank a moderate amount of alcohol post-run (say, two beers or spirits - enough to dull the senses a bit but not deyhdrate or cause hangover). Not ideal, but it was definitely better.