**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


Yeah it’s just habits really isn’t it?
I do more than enough exercise every day yet still not properly knackering myself out to sleep through the night so I must be doing other stuff wrong.

I’m staying away from alcohol for a while because I’m super emotional at the moment and during these periods, adding alcohol into the mix has ended quite badly.


Hello :slight_smile:
Just wanted to say that starting therapy again has been really great- obviously it wasn’t nice ripping that plaster off again but I’m glad I did it. Didn’t even go and see her face to face, had an hour long session over the phone cause I wasn’t ready for a more intimate session, but it was good.
Obviously felt like utter rubbish for a few days after, cause I’ve seen her before so she was asking how I’ve been getting on with certain things and that was tough.
But yeah, it was nice to have some validation if that makes sense? Like, it’s not normal (although what is?) to go through this much trauma at my age- and it was nice to have someone impartial tell me that. Obviously I’m so grateful for all the lovely things you guys say to me, but it feels different cause you’re all my internet friends and know me in a different way. I babble on to you lot in daily threads about what I’m having for dinner and what I’m watching on telly, whereas this woman doesn’t know me at all, really. Not sure how to explain that really haha
So yes, really happy I’ve started that again. And it took me over a week to realise that. If anyone is reading this and umming and ahhing about doing the same- please give it a go. Shit at the time but you’ll be glad you did it. Bit like exercise isn’t it? When you first start you feel like your legs and lungs are about to collapse, but you never regret doing exercise after.
Big love and hugs to all of you, as ever. Wonderful bunch of troopers :slight_smile:
And sorry for this rambling stream of consciousness x


Does anyone have any experience with jaw clenching?
I’ve had it once before but the after pain went away a day later. This time however, i’ve had pain for about a week thats radiating into my ear and making it insanely painful and hard to chew food!
I can’t really find anything on it other than to take painkillers which I’m reluctant to do.


This is wonderful to hear, glad you pushed yourself to do it, let us know how it continues to go x


This might be worth a go. Was shown something similar during a yoga session and it does seem to help release the jaw a bit.


I rarely get pain for it but I do it all the time, especially at work, so I guess I’ll get problems down the line. Do you do it when you’re awake or asleep?


Amazing, thank you. I’ll give this a go today.

I did yoga yesterday and during that, it was super relaxed and didn’t feel any pain. Same with cycling this morning.


It’s mostly happening at night as that’s when i’m waking up with the pain.
I had such a stressful week last night that I woke up one night in pain from my ears and moved my jaw around loads for what seemed like hours.


Could you maybe speak to your dentist about having a gum shield made? Obvs you don’t want to wear it all day every day (unless you get a jazzy one!) but could ease the strain on your teeth and jaw?
Really sorry you’re suffering, anything to do with mouths is the pits x


yeah I got a gum shield. not a snazzy one… just a thing from boots. it did help with the night time gnawing.

don’t use it now :man_shrugging:


Glad it helped!
Yeah, I have to get one fitted (lovely combination of extreme fear of the dentist and nighttime grinding of my teeth- yaaaay!)
Did have to laugh when I went for an emergency appointment about a wisdom tooth and was bordering having a panic attack, and the dentist asked if I was stressed


You’re the best egg, juke :hugs:


nothing sexier when in bed then just popping in the old gum shield :laughing: :roll_eyes: :grimacing:


went to the dentist with a really bad abscess once, he promptly stuffed his fingers in my mouth and started pressing hard on it.

at this point i let go a rather muffled, and obviously pained, “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccck”, at which point he stony-faced took his fingers out of my mouth and asked me what i said…

in short, dentists are all cunts


Totally. “Don’t mind me, just putting my spot cream on and shoving in my gum shield :smirk: wait, where are you going?!”


This is a good idea. I’m going to book in and see what they suggest. I was hoping it would pass by now but it’s been a week and it seems my jaw is locking up a lot. I can barely open it just to fit in a little bit of mango.

It’s annoying cause you can hardly rest it, can you?


Ow :frowning: really feel for you, that sounds so awful. Yeah, as you said, pretty difficult thing to rest. You can be a bit more aware of it during the day but when you’re snoozing is when it really gets you.
Yeah, have a natter :slight_smile:
Meow needs her mango!


Oh JFC that sounds horrendous
They’re awful, dentists
All awful
Horrible bloody sadists :frowning:
Also, word to the wise, don’t YouTube what they’re going to do at your next appointment- doesn’t help


I suggest wearing a mouth raising appliance to bed

And regularly rolling the underside of your tongue against the roof of your mouth.


Thanks DB
i’ve got myself booked in for a physio appointment on Thursday so hoping they can give me some exercises or massages to help sooth it