**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


Everyone who read your post did that while they were reading it


Still having memory problems - forgetting passwords, shutting / locking doors, turning off oven / taps. It’s causing me constant anxiety which will likely be making me more susceptible to forgetting things.

Went to the shop this evening and couldn’t remember my PIN again. Driving home I felt suicidal for the first time in quite a while. In bed now and the feeling has passed, but still have the sense of dread that something bad is going to happen as a result of forgetting things.


In terms of passwords/pins - is it worth getting a Password Manager on your phone to help you out when you do forget them? Something like KeePass or LastPass?

Big hugs of course!


Ok so maybe not the place. Im in a bar amd the guy who groped me (and others) is here. Currently resisting the temptation to hit him. I won’t but i hate him so much. I hate how he’s able to get away with everything he’s done. Really makes me angry


I’m really sorry you’re in that situation :frowning:


It might not be what you have, but forgetfulness and what they call ‘brain fog’ are regular symptoms of stress and depression (and lots of other things). If it is something like that causing your forgetfulness then you should see it improve as your symptoms do.

You could keep some notes that are so ineligible they wouldn’t be risky in terms of security. Get something like a one-sided business card and do a load of squiggles and random prompts on the back that would jog your memory. Maybe a contactless card might help, or using your phone calendar for screen reminders, or charts near your front door and bed so you can check things at night and before work?

Good luck with things.


Haven’t posted in here for a while. Not because I’ve been in a good place, I haven’t, I’ve been clinging on by my fingertips for months.

Feeling particularly bereft tonight. Have to put a face on for the next four hours for football, working the turnstiles etc. CBF.

Some of this is missing my daughter. She has gone on a week long residential which means I won’t be picking her up from school tomorrow. It’s pathetic, I know, but I can feel the tears in my eyes now. It’ll be awesome spending time with my son and having a bit of Daddy / Jimmy time, but shit, I never thought this would bite quite as much as it is. She’s fine, of course, and won’t even be knowing I exist this time tomorrow. Maybe this is where being a shit part-time Dad is coming home to roost.


Nowt to be done except wait for Saturday when I get to hug her tight and make her eyes roll with copious levels of awful jokes…

Worst thing is, I’ll be going through this again when my son goes away.

Fucking hell.

Bury me now!


Hey, sorry to hear this, you come across as a great dad who loves his kids and it’s so easy to doubt yourself when poor mh is an issue, and even easier to be able to assauge the fears of others but exacerbate your own until you believe they are all real. Just as you said, she’ll be having a great time and hopefully your time without her will flash by quickly!


I’m sometimes a bit prone to “did i lock the door?” anxiety and heard that saying to yourself “i have locked the door” as you lock it can help you to feel confident that you’ve done it later


Thanks for this JB, you’re right. I feel like I need to give myself a break, it’s hard to do though, as I know most of you guys know. Really appreciate the response.


yeah I suggest some tips for writing down pins and passwords in a way that disguises or encrypts them

perhaps come up with a ‘key’ e.g. ‘add three letters of the alphabet for vowels, take two away for consonants’ or something, which tbh most criminals would never bother trying to crack.


With PINs I sometimes hide them in a fake phone number - so a fake name and the PIN is the first four digits after a familiar area code, or it is the last four digits.


You do! And it’s still possible to be an incredible dad even if it is ‘part-time’. You’re a good bloke and I’m certain you’re achieving this anyway. It’s also kinda lovely that you’re missing her so much, not all parents do this…


This is a great idea…though I hope nobody ever steals your phone/cards and then reads this thread!


They’d have to be familiar with all my friends/family to know who is fake, which would be quite difficult for even someone who knows me.


I’d change it from “Mr Nip” nonetheless


Having the worst mental health day for quite a while. Trying to just read my book and have a nice afternoon to myself but still really upset that 25 people on here think I would use a thread about industrial action to boast about being middle class. I know what I wrote could have been worded better and that it’s fine for people to interpret things like that but I can’t stop going over it in my head.

I really think people on here need to consider what theyre doing before they like something. I know other users have felt really overwhelmed by having dozens of people liking negative things about them. It’s even more upsetting when it’s people you are friends with and would hope wouldn’t construe something like that to mean something much worse.

Also still a bit baffled that people who own houses, earn above average salaries, have permanent contracts etc. think paying someone to deliver restaurant food t their home or office makes them any less middle class. Just a bit baffled by the whole thing tbh. Gonna take a break from here for a bit to avoid stressing myself any more.


FWIW I didn’t read the comment as a direct reply to you (as it wasn’t a direct reply to you), though I can’t speak for the person who wrote it. My comments further on weren’t meant as a dig at you anyway.


Hope you read this after you’ve taken your break and hope you feel better for it


Haven’t read that thread since about 9am. Not sure I’ll bother now.

Big hugs DB. Whatever was said or meant, I’m sorry to hear it’s made you feel this way and hope that a bit of time away or an even curled up with some books and cats helps you get into a better MH place soon.