**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


Take care DB, hope the break helps. I know how things on here can become pretty overwhelming pretty quickly and that’s without ever feeling people are unnecessarily rounding on me. Just wish sometimes folk were a bit more careful about things - not just here but in life in general - and took a moment to consider the possible consequences of words and actions.


Can’t keep going through the same cycles of getting back to a crisis point every couple of weeks or so, but there is no way out of this.



The like/this functions on here result in a lot of silly passive-aggressive stuff, in my opinion. Honestly think doing away with them would be a positive thing. I guess threads like this one and the moral support likes can give would be the only real counter argument.

The more time i spend on here the more i notice lots of pretty pointless and sly behaviour from people. Lots of us spend far too much time on here. Again, in lots of cases perhaps it’s to get away from real life mental health worries, but in other ways it might exacerbate them.

I’ve stopped using some threads on here because they’re pretty toxic - the same core of people posting all the time, stupid cliquey ongoing injokes, weird direct or indirect pile-ons and virtually no constructive discourse. Admittedly i’m struggling a bit with stress and depression so perhaps i’m a bit irritable, and i’m sure many times in the past i’ve been on the other side of it, but one pointless set-to can really ruin my day sometimes.

Hope you’re okay.


Agree with this and would like to apologise for any instances I’ve inadvertently overstepped the mark with anyone on here.

People could do with being a lot more mindful of each other in general on here especially in cases where people are literally saying “this discussion is not doing my MH any favours”


Agreed, I will also be guilty of unnecessary responses at times. I think the most common cases are when someone says something clearly wrong or ill-informed (nasty stuff doesn’t count) and there’s a rush to be the first one with a pithy putdown. I ought to be more compassionate when I respond to things like that…and think about who actually benefits from it.


haven’t read the thread or anything, but just felt like I should tell you if I haven’t already that if I don’t know what to make of something, I look to you, and I trust and believe in you more than anyone else on here or elsewhere on political matters.

I’m wringing my hands a bit thinking that might be felt as a more pressure, but it’s not like that. it’s just that I know you, I know how thorough and hard-earned your goodness is. xx


me too. I’m fighting to change, but it’s so hard to make changes stick and not fall back.

did you make any progress with housing? I feel like I need to try harder to find a way to move out myself, for the good of my mental health, for reasons I’ve explained to you before. also, being in a different space is so good for breaking out of patterns, I think. xx


Ahhhh i just looked back at the thread…i think the first 3 replies were me ,you and markee saying we don’t use those places so the response that you have been offended by I assume was made in jest because of this reason.

I don’t think it was aimed at you.

Plus for me I literally don’t care if someone assumes I am middle class because I dont go to McDonalds…I don’t go because, 1 I rarely eat out anywhere and 2, it wouldnt be anywhere near my top choice of places to go

I think what makes me middle class is that I own (the bank does) a house and have a job and go to gigs and the theatre and read some books…apparently.

Stay well DB… you’re a very good egg.


A friend of a friend that I don’t know hugely well but follow each other on Twitter has posted some worrying things on social media and I’m so worried. His friends have reached out and I’m sick with panic. Really hope he’s just having some time to himself :worried:


thanks @incandenza and the people being nice

@stickboy, I’m not offended that someone has called me middle class, and sorry but it’s a bit unhelpful to be suggesting that’s the issue here. the issue is that people I consider my friends would think I would ever boast about being middle class or look down on people who go to fast food restaurants.


It’s not unhelpful I just misunderstood.

That comment on that post was not directly aimed at you I don’t think.


I think it was in jest and the people who liked it etc are aware you are definitely not like that, and are in fact the last person on here who would look down on others for something like that and if they knew it upset you they would take it back im sure. You’re one of the most thoughtful, caring people i know and i would guess the comment was more of a joke than anything and not specifically aimed at you. Like you said anyway paying someone to bring you food from a restaurant you cba to leave your house to get to is exactly what a bunch of middle class people would do. I used to go to a cafe that did healthy smoothies and artisan coffee etc in kensal green when i worked nearby and sooo many uber eats drivers would pass through for french toast and green juice


As one of the people who mindlessly clicked like I’d like to say I’m sorry. I didn’t think it was aimed at you - the first few posts were all people saying they don’t use the places by the strike bunched together, which highlighted how middle class DiS is as a whole, and I thought the post was just skewering that. I didn’t think anyone who’d posted prior to that was actively looking down on people who frequent McDonalds etc. I don’t know you that well obvs but you are the last person on DiS I’d accuse of looking down on poor people. I’m really sorry that I’ve contributed to you feeling shitty about this - I should be more mindful before I click like on stuff. I really don’t want to be part of a nasty pile on.


I definitely feel you on the message of this and how things like that can make you feel on here. And I liked that post and for that I apologise. I genuinely didn’t think it was aimed at you specifically cause I didn’t actually read your post, only the 2 above yours.

You’re lovely DB and try not to let it get to you even though I know that’s much easier said than done.


so it was aimed at me then?

nice one


This is not the thread for this discussion.


hate dis some times

i now feel like ive done something wrong



I didn’t write the post so I can’t answer who it was aimed at! I don’t think the MH thread is the best place for picking apart other peoples intentions.

No ones done anything wrong. Don’t go. I’m sorry if what I said was insensitive but what I meant was I didn’t really read the posts in major detail so I just assumed that the post in question was aimed at everyone who had already posted in that thread that’s why I liked it.

Its been posted on this forum before about people who boycott places that have the cheapest or most accessible option for stuff (amazon, starbucks etc) so I can imagine that boycotting places like that would mean you have more access to other independent places from a financial and location purpose hence the middle class thing.
but I dunno I didn’t write it!


ok sorry Meow… just feel this somehow turned on me with your response and DB’s response and I have my own issues and only came here to help

All good x


That’s been tried many many times before and has gone absolutely no where.
People do not give a shit and it’s mostly point scoring on this website. Some people on here have left me feeling utterly low and I can imagine they’re just like “YES I WON” or some shit