**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


Yeah, I can’t pretend you weren’t very much in mind when I wrote that second bit mate x


I’m too sensitive for this shit tbh. If I’ve ever had anything with anyone on here where I feel I may have upset them, i’ll always msg them to apologise cause I think it’s important.
A kind DM after a mini beef can really go a long way with peoples MH on here.


Oh no, of course not. Never my intention to point the finger at anyone. I didn’t just want to go and unlilke that post and pretend i’ve not played a part in it (cause that’s not being truthful to myself or DB) but tbh I just wasn’t really reading anything in detail and just glanced my eyes over a few posts.

Keep your chin up babes x



I’ve been guilty of this in the past and it’s something I’ve had to work on but nobody gets to tell you that your reaction to a thing is invalid or “too sensitive”

“The thing you have said has made me feel bad”
“You shouldn’t feel bad about the thing I said”

Is low-key one of the most insidious, common exchanges in life and it’s a bad one.


Oh god that is so familiar!

I had the balls to stand up to someone at work who upset me and told them they upset me and their response was “no, that just your perception” NO THAT’S JUST YOU BEING A DICK


It’s just a very weak reaction to immediately get defensive as opposed to challenging yourself and the fact that you have just, probably entirely inadvertently, made someone feel bad and to consider the changes you need to make in yourself to avoid doing it again.


It also just made him look like a total psychopath in front of other people so win win :+1:


I agree completely with this.

There’s a lot of threads on here that I have an interest in and have something to say in, but I rarely feel comfortable to do so. It’s not out of fear of something descending into an argument, but rather someone seeing what I say as an open goal to get a jibe in and the subsequent aftermath that happens with that. It’s so exhausting.

I remember on the old boards I posted something very innocuous, but something that was ultimately quite sincere, and there was a bit of a pile-on that had very little to do with what I said. It left me feeling completely miserable for the rest of the day, and it was SUCH a minor thing, but I just decided not to post again and just lurked.


No, not really, and that is the most major problem for my mental health right now. Other parts of my life are actually really good right now and I’m having motivation to exercise and make a bit more use of my time. But living with my family, the constant stress of it in everything I do at home, every interaction and decision having to be navigating around other people and the arguments… it wears me down, makes me think horrible things because it destroys any sense thst I am worth something.

I went through the medical assessment for trying to get more points on my housing application, but they awarded me nothing. The psychologist from the sspergers service filled it in with great detail how the situation is detrimental because of my disability and how my mental health is suffering to the point I have felt suicidal; my family support worker wrote in a letter explaining how it is not a good environment for me and my son to be livjng in… and that counts for absolutely nothing. Not one measly extra point. I know there is a housing crisis, and other people are just as desperate as me, but fucking hell this shouldn’t be how things are. I’ve been on the list for two years almost and have gradually moved up, but the last few months it feels like my progress hss completely stalled, if anything the average queue position I am in for properties I apply for seems to have got a bit lower.


He’s in hospital :pensive: but still with us. Hopefully now can get at least some of the help he needs. Sorry for overshare but have to vent somewhere. As you were.


Glad it wasn’t worse news x


Hope him and you are doing ok x


No need to apologise, man. That’s exactly what this thread is for - venting as much as gaining much needed support.

Am pleased he is still with us and hope he is able to make a full recovery with help. Hope you’re doing okay as well. Take care.


just got sent a video of two of my atds roaring drunk in some London pub telling me to come home. they’d bought about 10 scratchcards which they flashed in front of the camera at one point, saying they’re keeping them aside from when I get back.

funny when something so small and really stupid as this lifts you a bit, ain’t it.


Funny the way I was acting like I’d got away with just stopping citalopram cold turkey


that’s absurd. and really suspect, just like when I’ve had assessments on my mental health, you have to wonder about the criteria and the process. :frowning:

I am very glad that there are parts of your life that are better, though?


I did something so hard today, i went through 10 years of photos to back them up which meant seeing photos of my dead dad, my dead cat (yes its just a cat but he was with me for 13 years and my baby). Ive come to terms witj my dads death but photos are just hard for me and i dont like to see them but draw comfort from knowing i have them. What really got me where selfies that i took like 8/9 years ago and hated soo much. I thought i was the ugliest bitch alive and used to cry about how terrible i looked. I was so unhappy in myself. If i looked horrible then fine, whatever, but i didnt. I looked absolutely fine. I wasted so many years hating myself and turning down opportunities and making excuses so i missed holidays ans nihjts out ans basically experienced any teen/young adult has. One particular day i felt a bit cute and took photos and i cried becsuse every photo was horrific and i didnt leavr the house even tho my housemates wanted me to go oit with them that night. I remember people on here meeting up and i was terrified of going because then If i did they would see how hideous i was and never talk to me again. I avoided the matt groening atp (with built to spill and liars :sob:) because disers were going to be there. I really regret that, i bet i would have loved it. I still struggle with liking my looks but im not as harsh as i once was which is something i guess. If
could go back in time i would slap my dramatic, insecure face i swear to god. Its just sad, honestly i wasted so much time thinking i was a -556799202029 / 10 when actually, i just looked average and even nice sometimes :sob:




Hey JB
Weirdly, I had a similar sort of experience this morning. My dad’s girlfriend had gone through all my dad’s clothes and asked me to decide what tshirts and stuff I wanted. Anyway, I asked her if there were any photos of the two of us together and she said “uhh… Kermit, there aren’t any. You didn’t let anyone take pictures of you.”
It’s a strange thing, not liking what you look like. And I get the not wanting to go to meets and stuff, cause I’m the same.
Don’t really have a conclusion to this, other than that you’re beautiful inside and out- but I also appreciate that someone saying that doesn’t make you believe it. Sorry you’re feeling so rubbish mate, and I hope one day in the future you’ll like your reflection more. You’re the loveliest xx


And also bloody good for you, looking through those photos. You’re a strong, amazing lady :muscle: