**New** Mental Health Thread (2018)


No one will be looking but also handy location for appointments! Might be easier to be a bit more open with work about it cause you’re only popping close by?
Good luck with it and hope it goes well x


Ditto. I am also feeling a bit better (I suspect not drinking since my easter incident has helped somewhat…although considering being teetotal but I’m already a completely boring human being as it is)

I hope during this time I can give back to others who have helped me on here in the past x


Good luck PM. Hope it’s the first step towards to a happier/more comfortable/confident you.


Thanks guys @Flashinglight @meowington @froglet

No one at work knows, I’m too scared to tell anyone in case people’s opinions of me change, or they talk about me behind my back, or something. It’s embarrassing.

I ended up going home early with a headache (I did actually have one). Tomorrow is a holiday and Friday I can wfh so I’m good until Monday.

I don’t know what to do about my family. Since my sister got pregnant she has been messaging me with updates but never asks how I am doing, which gets me down as I don’t think she cares. My parents don’t talk to me, I wouldn’t know where to start with trying to reconcile things.

Idk where I would be without the tv and his family. They have been my support and carers through this horror show and are understanding beyond belief. But his family are a continent away, so not entirely practical.

Anyway, thanks for your posts, they really helped. @Flashinglight I hope you’re feeling better now too.


Being able to even post a few words on here is a good start… especially if you usually feel more reticent to do so.

This thread is really welcoming, if you did feel able to say more…but I’m also more than happy to talk via PM if you ever wanted.

Look after yourself


Cheers man :slight_smile:


same with sentiments

haven’t actually had any data for just over a week, but I have been all over the place and not feeling capable of opening up in terms of sharing or offering kind words, but… yeah. I am reading, and feeling for people silently.

hoping the current hope in my life pans out well and I manage to start feeling able to open up again.


like, it feels weird to give hopeful words when they feel hollow to me. when I start to believe in myself again, I’ll join in.


is it possible your sister is trying to keep you involved without making you feel uncomfortable and trying not to intrude? or maybe she just doesn’t know how to handle the situation so is just keeping in touch in a way she feels confident with. i don’t think not asking you how you are is necessarily a sign of not caring. also you may be keeping this in mind already or it might not be a problem you have but i think when you’re feeling low it is quite easy to interpret things as people not caring because it’s sort of what you’re expecting.

i hope you feel better soon anyway. and @Flashinglight as well


not sure where to put this, really:

i’m thinking of moving back in with my folks for a bit. my company is closing our office and we’re all going to work remotely going forwards, and i discovered today that in order the break the joint tenancy with my ex and re-rent my flat on my own, i would have to recommit to another 6 month minimum tenancy agreement. i’m not sure if my job is even going to last that long, and i have no real reason to be down here beyond that any more. plus if i go home then while the job does last i can put more money away than i would be able to otherwise because right now i am flat broke.

argh, life is properly messy right now :frowning:

sending lots of love to all of you guys as well, especially @Flashinglight, @ghostpony and @PocketMouse


Moving back in with parents is great for saving money! I did it a few years ago and am still here but it’s not as bad as i thought it would be and the effect on my bank balance has been extremely positive

Eta: just saying there are positives to moving back in with parents so if you do decide to do it, don’t fear it or feel bad about it


The thing with moving back in with your folks, in my experience, and i understand it might not be the case for everyone, is that the positives tend to be pretty tangible short-term, and the negatives tend to be trivial inconveniences or anxieties. You’ve just got to be mature about it, understand that some things take priority over others and that it’s a means to an end and won’t be forever. One step back to take two forward, all that.


Big conferences are not designed for people with anxiety/MH issues!


I’ve been starting to feel really jealous of other people recently, which is embarrassing to admit as I know jealousy is a pathetic emotion. But it’s contributed towards me feeling worthless.

I just don’t really see what the point of doing anything is. Just seems like where you end up in the future is permanently sealed by advantages and life chances you’ve had since birth. Seems like no matter how hard (or even how little) you work, you can’t ever really escape this.


Hope you’re okay, mate. I totally understand what you mean - I hate occasions like this enormously.

You know where I am if you need anything x


I’m coping, but not liking it much. It’s like another exposure therapy thing again. (Urgh!)


I’ve had two stints of living back with my parents as an ‘adult’ and both were exactly what I needed at the time to get myself back on my feet again. I have a pretty good relationship with them and they didn’t crowd me too much, which all helped, but even if that hadn’t been the case, on a practical level it was what I needed (i.e. somebody else taking responsibility for a change for putting a roof over my head and occasionally feeding me so that I could focus on other stuff). If anything went majorly tits up in my life again I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Go for it.


Sounds tough. can you pretend you’re roleplaying? I find it easier to deal with large events where I don’t know any/ many people, as nobody has any expectations, and I just play a role until it’s over.


I guess that’s a positive way of looking at it. No fun at all, though.

Take is easy, hope you’re not there too much longer.


Managing by just going to big breakout sessions and not talking to anyone. Interesting idea tho - may try and remember that one in future :slight_smile: