**New** Mental Health Thread (Rolling, SSP)

I can’t explain how many times harder it is with the likes of C-PTSD, opening up to people without it ripping you apart if it goes wrong.

but the nurture of those connections - and I mean the mutual nurture - is the only time I have ever felt safe enough to be anything at all.

I got more out of these things when I was giving more, when it was clear I improved the life of another. I was never draining, never a burden.

when I lose these people, that is where it kills me. because no matter what is said when things are good, it seems that belief vanishes, like it was never there at all.

and the loss has only ever been small misunderstandings or miscommunications that fractured because I panicked.


so low I am struggling to breathe

like my chest is almost too heavy to lift for each breath

Could you talk to your doctor about upping this? I’m on 100mg and I’m in a much less dark place than you are, so it sounds weird that we should have the same doseage.

I don’t know how much difference it would make at this point, really

Yeah well you never know that until suddenly it’s working, in my experience. I really think you should try.


they can go up to 200mg for sertraline and if its not working they can certainly discuss to the gp about upping it but the dose isn’t necessarily increased/decreased by how bad you feel at the time.

Its certainly not working for acorn though, but has it ever worked?

@Acorn have you ever told your GP sertraline works or not for you? If it had worked previously and then stopped upping the dose may help but if not they may try to up it and review you in a couple weeks and if not still then other treatment options would be necessary as sticking to an SSRI that isn’t helping you could potentially be having unwanted side effects which could be contributing to how you feel right now.

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and @whiterussian

I don’t know what else meds could do. beyond this, would they not just leave me completely numb?

Emotional detatchment sertainly can be a side effect if they’re not working effectively. Anti deppresants don’t work on the principle that they make you feel numb to everything SSRIs such as Swrtraline try to address a chemichal imbalance where it tries to regulate the rate your body produces serotonin (fun fact this is why MDMA isn’t very effective if youre on anti depressants) however if your problem isn’t caused a sertonine imbalance they’ll be ineffective and potentially cause unwanted side effects which is why you should discuss how you feel openly with your gp and tell them if its worse/better/about the same when you’re on meds.

I wasn’t very candid at all and they kept on assuming my meds were working and kept on giving them to me, it wasn’t until I was more candid and honest and outlined every symptom I suffer (no matter how small) that they realised that SSRIs probably wouldn’t do very much for me and I intact had other conditions causing my depression.

If I hadn’t given feedback on how I felt the meds weren’t working (like I had done for years - its kinda hard to gauge if you felt worse before or after you took meds) i may never have been diagnosed with autism and adhd. For the ADHD im currently taking a course of stimulants to increase Dopamine in my brain (whereas Sertraline was trying to address serotonine issues) and low and behold its like someone flicked a switch in my brain

Now I’m not saying you should seek a diagnosis for autism or adhd but rather that giving as detailed feedback as possible is key to helping :+1:

If Sertralin is making you feel numb that isn’t supposed to happen that medicine doesn’t work by making you feel numb to your depression, its meant to regulate your brain chemistry to stop your low points from being as chronic or severe.


that’s what it’s doing at the moment, but it’s relative, and what you said initially is the key.

my issues are very complex, and I haven’t been diagnosed yet, but I’m sure that C-PTSD is the main thing? I’m pretty aware of everything I’ve been through, and it matches up to that (although with other complications).

Stockport Healthy Minds are ringing up on Monday, and the person who rang to tell me the other day is someone I know from my previous experience with them, and she referenced the last therapist I spoke to, so I at least know there is a chance of some progress on that front.

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My main message isn’t so much to do with the diagnosis its self but to keep your therapists and gp up to date with how you feel whilst in medicine, no matter how you feel, and not to assume that how you’re feeling on the medication is normal.

Its difficult because you’re taking medicine thst directly affects the brain so keeping someone on the outside informed of your current feelings/symptoms whilst on meds is great for keeping an outside perspective unlikely to be as clouded. Certainly mention that you believe sertraline is making you feel numb next chance you get if you feel comfortable doing so

Brain chemistry is hard, it can take a while to find something right for you, so consider it as an open discussion in trying to find the red riding hood treatmrnt

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deffo mention any overwhelming negative thoughts you have as well as a text book side effect of sertraline if its not working effectively is to exhasibate those symptoms

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oh, it isn’t numbing me at the moment, I was just wondering if a higher dose would?

it made the feelings less severe, but I still can’t engage with anything, still find everything triggering

I will.

the main struggle though is knowing what is the meds and what is other factors

If you think its helping you but still are having episodes of intense depression then increasing the dose may help (after speaking to a doctor). They can go up to 150mg or 200mg.

Emotional detatchment can happen if the medication isn’t working properly and is considered an unwanted side effect and that’s when they’d start reigning the dose back down if its causing you distress.

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idk how to think of this in the context of being traumatised/having deep-lying issues that contributed to the way I am today, is the main thing for me

oh no absolutely but if you think the meds are helping take the edge off but are still having periods of severe depression the option to increase dose might help further. I’m not trying to diagnose you. Just trying to reassure you that increasing dose and experimenting with medication types with your gp may help without necessarily stripping you of your personality

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i’m not an expert or anything, but think even when depression is caused by real circumstantial issues and experience rather than the result of a chemical imbalance, it will still manifest as a chemical imbalance so it is worth trying to find a medication that might work, while seeking counselling in try and address the long term issues that led to it in the first place (I know getting counselling is easier said than done though)

I’ve realised that my self-preservation method is to make people dislike me. Like, actively be so annoying or weird that they eventually get tired of me.

Especially around men I like.

I’ll push and push at their buttons goading them to snap at me.

Sorry. Posted a version of this in the confessions thread but it’s probably better here.

Like… I know someone is busy so I’ll just keep messaging them shite… As if I want them to tell me to fuck off.

Why am I like this.

Sure, obviously it would be better to change meds if they’re not working, I would personally want to try a higher dose first but there are of course many different options @Acorn.

The fact that this specific thing isn’t working for you right now just does not mean that nothing will work. When I switched to Sertraline I started a lower dosage and after a while of nothing feeling different, I upped the dosage and then slowly started to feel a difference. Before that I had been on another type for a decade, which helped with a lot of things but not with other things.

«What else meds could do» is to help you get your head above water so all your energy doesn’t go into despairing and just surviving. Like maybe life is actually worth living and can even be enjoyable. But it has to be the right kind and dose. Please, please talk to your doctor about this.


Absolutely. Your brain and the way that it works changes and that’s for all depression/similar diagnoses. That’s why meds work, when you find the right one.