**New** Mental Health Thread (Rolling, SSP)

Just a quick question for anyone that’s taken/taking propranolol- I started taking it three days ago (3 x 10mg a day) and I’m so lightheaded and a bit dazed?
Think I said before that my doctor did say I have slightly low blood pressure anyway so this could make it worse and to expect to feel lightheaded, but I actually feel ever so slightly out of it and dizzy and faint etc.
Is this normal? Shall I carry on with it?
Just extra concerned I suppose cause now would not be a particularly great time to clog up the NHS if I fall over and hit my head or something.

are you taking it for anxiety, if you don’t mind me asking?

I had it a month or so ago for this, and a felt a tiny bit dizzy, but nothing that I’d be worried about. I actually stopped taking them because they made my sleep more shit than it was.

If you’re getting negative symptoms, and symptoms you’re worried about, I would stop taking them.

can you call your gp about this though?

Sorry, yeah I am- probably should’ve specified!
Yeah, I read in the leaflet that sleep can be affected but mine is always pretty horrendous so :woman_shrugging: sorry it didn’t work for you though.
Yeah, that was my thought, thank you. I’m so lightheaded a lot of the time that I feel like I’ve just done a nos balloon or something, and that’s probably not ideal is it. Obviously can’t go to the doctors to get my blood pressure checked either. Sweet, thank you, will swerve it until I can get checked out properly. Thanks x

There’s a really long wait and (I assume) it’s people that need medical attention more than me. Will just wait it out

I don’t remember any side effects from when i started taking it but i do remember feeling lightheaded when I stopped them and i ended up going down to one every other day before stopping

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Ah okay, thank you :slight_smile: ahhh I don’t know what the right thing to do is, especially if not taking them could make it worse??
I’d be less worried if I didn’t live in a place with so many stairs- my flat is on three levels with my bedroom at the top and bathroom on the bottom, so there’s been a couple of times where I’ve been in bed and then gotten up and started to go downstairs to use the loo and been like “wooooahhh nelly, I’m gonna pass out” which isn’t… ideal

I’d been on them a fair while so i think if you’ve not been on them long you probably wouldn’t get the same thing when you came off them

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It was a very long time ago I took it, but I do remember stopping it because of how dizzy and faint it made me.

Anyone used a therapist before? Have been skeptical I really need to start talking about feelings more and learning to be more open and honest.

I work full time in a hospital and also study full time at university (all online).

Feel incredibly stressed and exhausted at the moment. Just snapped at the wife over nothing and my apology wasn’t very good either.

I just want to write this down and share it with someone. There’s no need to acknowledge this post.

Yes, have done on and off for about six years now, pretty much on a fortnightly basis for the past three and a half.

It’s unquestionably helped to keep me sane, without having that space for 50 minutes every fortnight just to blurt out what’s been building in my head, the pressure cooker that is my head would have exploded. It helps keep me grounded in reality, particularly when unhealthy behaviours start to creep in again, which they do regularly and helps me nip them in the bud before they become too damaging.

I was sceptical beforehand too, I used to bottle up my feelings - particularly repressing negative emotions, or the truth / honest feelings, something that I’d done pretty much my whole life just to try and keep the status quo around me when in fact, I was performing some form of psychological self abuse.

Honestly, I’d urge anyone to try it, to go into it with an open mind. It is exhausting, it can take a few sessions before the fog begins to lift and there are times where it feels like a complete waste of time, but without therapy I dread to think where I might be.

Happy to give a bit more detail via DM if you like - I realise this is a bit wordy.


I feel terrible because my mum is always saying how chipper I look but I’m not actually OK and I’m scared to tell her because she’s a nurse and is having a really hard time ATM :frowning:

Been having really vivid dreams for the past 5 or so nights and wake up exhausted. Just shut up for five fucking minutes brain it’s quiet time

I’m not sure if it would help with the symptoms, but have you tried taking them as-and-when? That’s what I used to do, though I guess it depends on the severity of your anxiety.

I’ve really noticed a PTSD flare up of late. Not anything too severe, but I’m incredibly sensitive to what people say and find that any minute thing I’m relating back to something traumatic, or someone that’s been the cause of trauma in my life. It’s usually in conversation with others that it happens, and luckily my friends have been really understanding when I’ve snapped or whatever.

It’s definitely been since the ‘lockdown’/working from home. Not sure if there’s a correlation.


muted the main coronavirus thread on here for a few days and been limiting how much news I read elsewhere. feel like a bit of a nob burying my head in the sand but it’s definitely helped with reducing anxiety


You do you Shrewbie - nothing wrong with ignoring the news when it’s harming your MH. Totally the right thing to do :+1:


I think that is a massively sensible thing to do. I’ve done it myself, and recommended that struggling friends do the same. There is so much in this situation that you have little/no influence over, other than to protect yourself and your wellbeing. Kudos for doing it x

Cw: covid 19, depression, tory hate

I’m stuck in a cycle of apathy, “we’re all going to die so what’s the point” type shit, feelings of acute panic and fear for my family and myself, and the desire to do as much as possible to help prepare against what is happening (find work, be healthy, productive, don’t take time for granted) and it’s so exhausting. I know I need to focus on the last thoughts, and keep close to God and calm down/not zombify, but its really hard :pensive: I’ve lost 10 years to depression and just feel really self loathing about that, regretful of the wasted time and opportunities now I’m confronted with my mortality like this, which is pathetic.
Being in london is scary. Couldnt have left even if we wanted to, so many factors that shut that down. I’m being tetchy with my family despite my overwhelming fear and love for them which just leaves me feeling shittier than usual. Words failing me at how disgusted I am with this government and their response, some people on here went off when I said a couple weeks back that they’re setting us up to die and that shamed me into taking that back, but after all I’ve seen (and the fact that we havent reached our peak at all) reaffirms that. their response is criminal and there’s nothing to do expect stay indoors, but I wish I could get an antibody test to see if I had it, tests for my family, something to just say that we are okay and can be if we stay at home, which obviously wont happen. Just left with uncertainty and fear.