New message from Sean Adams


had this email today

I don’t have a substack app, and don’t particularly want one, but also when I look at the DiS substack on a web browser there hasn’t been anything new for a while. Is this genuine or some weird niche phishing thing?

I got it too. I thought about going “what are you doing with my data sean??” But I wasn’t fussed enough to look into it at the time

I haven’t had this email.

I was trying the new chat feature on Substack, didn’t realise it didn’t include the message in the email body.

for clarity, anyone who got this opted into our MailChimp (was too expensive to stay with them as we have 6k subscribers) and received emails previously through Substack (which is free, with premium subscription options), although maybe previous ones hit your spam filter.

I’ll be sending more of an update soon. Trying to get all my ducks in a row before before announcing.