New Moderator(s) – poll

I’m not strictly a moderator (I represent a private company), but if you donate to me I will put forward your views to the actual mods.


the crowd at the kallgeese rally were chanting it and I just got swept up with it, sorry

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stop stealing my (milli)bants, prof

They had to appoint two humans to do the work of one robot. Interesting.

So long, Teho. We hardly knew ye.


Isnt this how skynet started?

sean isnt made of money mate!

Think there’s a 5 mod limit isn’t there due to costs?

All the nominees are promising that - you need something to help you stand out.

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Nothing against any one of them, but that would be too many mods (also not the most diverse bunch and we are down a female mod anyway).



would it be worth changing moderators on a rolling basis? maybe new ones every 3 months or something? gives people a chance to give a little of their time back to the site and would maybe appeal to a more diverse group of users?

  • good idea
  • bad idea

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Yup - this was my one concern when putting myself forward - I do nothing for the diversity stakes.

Proper mod thirsty aren’t you.



In my first move as mod I will ban profk, and his children, and his children’s children


but honestly, I think electing new ones regularly would be more democratic, and fair to the existing moderators who probably feel as though its a life sentence.

I’m sure if they didn’t want to mod anymore they could happily step down no?


I have seen pictures of kallgeese and he is not in fact a waterfowl. Also if @anon73286315’s avatar is correct then he is just another white male.

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Like jury duty?

@mods, I think I’ve finally found my user title thingy.