22 Feb




Awful cover art though.

Booked tickets to see them at Oval Space.

Still the best live act I have ever seen I reckon.

Can’t believe I’ve only seen them once and it was the field day in 2008 when the sound kept going. Pretty excited for this.

Surely that’s a good thing

Saw them at The Roundhouse a few years back - thought they were pretty boring and left early (which I almost NEVER do). Am I missing something?

I was at this gig. Thought they were incredible.

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1 x LP gatefold :confused: :sob:

is this out tomorrow?

Dunno, I preordered it and forgot about it tbh :confused:

apparently it is!!

Huzzah!! It better come in the post this weekend



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Really wasn’t keen on Who when I heard it for the first time, now I think it’s great.

They were good on Saturday but I just wanted to hear The Old Stuff :expressionless:

Can’t believe Thom quit the band.

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the album seemed sooo short and over quickly :confused: that plus the last track is just weird filler.

Couple of out and out stompers, standard track with a feat. someone or other. think there must only be 25 minutes of decent new music :confused:

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it’s no Monkeytown or Happy Birthday :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Oh well. Hopefully we won’t have to wait quite so long for Moderat IV.

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I wasn’t so keen on the latest album, but liking this single off the new EP

little bit of live stuff and a Q&A thing here

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