New Monday New Week thread


Hi how r u




Feeling alright tbh

Since I discovered jumbo oats porridge has been way tastier, so I’m scoffing a big bowl before I go get a filling

If you saw someone commit a calculated fare-dodge on the train, what would you do? (Guy in front of me in the queue bought two season tickets: one from my station to the next station along and then another one from the station before Cambridge to Cambridge. Presumably so he could get through the barriers both ends)

  • Nothing
  • Shop him
  • Write him a little note saying “son, I’ve clocked you” and leave it in his parka as he sleeps

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Can’t complain. Trying not to think about how busy I am at work and instead get on with it, one task at a time.

Also can’t decide if I can be arsed with Netrunner in the pub this evening. Something very slightly awkward has come up and I can’t be arsed dealing with it.

(IT’S REALLY BORING but basically I don’t offer lifts to people for events, even though lots of them don’t drive and it’s an arse ache to get to places by public transport.

The reason I don’t do it is anxiety-related, though. Traveling to these things makes me really anxious, and I need that solo trip to calm the fuck down. I also need to know that if I get anxiety-induced stomach problems I can take a detour to deal with that without it being A Thing. Also, there have been numerous times where I’ve cancelled at the last minute because the anxiety is winning and I don’t want to suffer for the sake of a stupid card game. I can keep a lid on it once I’m there by knowing that I can leave at any time, but that stops being true if people are relying on me to get home.

I’m fine with my justification for this, but I don’t really want to have that conversation with a bunch of people I only know from throwing stupid cards at each other.

tl;dr I’m a mess)



In other news: I’m not too bad actually. I was pretty unwell over the weekend- spent most of Saturday in bed and most of yesterday on the sofa but I seem to be alright this morning.

Feel utterly dreadful. Throat feels like its going to close up, body aches and have a dodgy tummy along with it (which seems to happen all the time now i feel ill, like they’re interlinked) so I’m having a lemsip in my flask while on my way to placement. Would be stunning if i got sent home so i can sleep. :sleeping:

Hmm - has someone directly asked you for a lift? Could you maybe say something vague like “I’m really sorry, it’s nothing personal but I just never give lifts to people… it’s a long story”. If you say “it’s a long story” then most people will take that as code for “please don’t ask any more questions”.


Car got broken into over the weekend. I’d left two work laptops and my works phone in the boot which have been nicked.
I’m on a course for the next three days so can’t get into the office to sort it out.
Oh well

checks watch


Came to the office like a mug, everyone else WFH. Going to do a job app and leave early.

First day back at work this year :scream:
On the plus side, flying to San Francisco on Wednesday to spend a month working out of our main office :sunglasses:


Not explicitly, but a few very loaded, hanging statements like “I can make it to that one, but only if people are driving”.

I could go full honesty - “if you get in the car with me there is a vastly increased chance of death farts and possible soiling. And I control the windows.”



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work n stuff innit

Meh, unless they’re one of your ATNDs (All Time Netrunner Dogs) then I’d just leave them hanging.

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