New month new releases 01/05

New Man Man for me

What’s in your ears today?

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Deerhoof rarities album out today, new Deerhoof album at the end of the month. Good hoofing!


Oh, also just remembered there’s a new Throwing Muses album coming. Two of my all time favourites in one month. :muscle:

Will give the new Darren Hayman a listen when I it’s out too.

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Otherwise very slim pickings. Everything seems due to come out in June.

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Didn’t realise Throwing Muses or Darren Hayman had releases.

Listening to Diet Cig currently. It’s good. Nothing too special though.

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New Damien Jurado of course.


There’s a new Mogwai soundtrack today, for the show zerozerozero. Bandcamp only.


Listening to the new Happyness now. It’s lovely in a YLT way.


A few for me today:

Car Seat Headrest
Diet Cig
Damien Jurado
Man Man
Johanna Warren (don’t know anything about this, but “ambient folk” ticks some boxes)

Plus, of course, anything I pick up from the Arab Strap archives


Car Seat Headrest - thought this was pretty meh on my drive in, but need more time.

Diet Cig - indie pop band FFO great grandpa, chastity belt, that sort of stuff.

No new releases jumping out so will be scanning for bandcamp exclusives. The new James Yorkston rarities comp is first on my list.

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Umbra Vitae - Jacob Banon’s new black/death metal side project… bound to be good


*Bannon (it’s too early)

Yep, just started with the new Happyness album too. They generally also have a Sparklehorse (non twinkly version) type vibe also.

Lots of other stuff too:

Joanna Warren, as mentioned by @Shoebox1976uk. I’ve liked some of her previous songs I think, so looking forward to trying this. And I think the new V V Lightbody album might be similar and hopefully also good.

There seems to be a soundtrack album from Apparat.

New cover album from Joan As Policewoman. I’ve always just never paid attention to her, but really liked a song that she released earlier this year, so will check this out.

Some album by two bands called offthesky and The Humble Bee. I don’t know either, but seem to be following the latter. Listening to one song, it has a very hushed lady singing, and sounds like a very laid back Trouble Books or something a bit lazy dreamy underwatery.

And some other band called Kyanos, although it looks like it was technically released on Monday. Slow psychedelic stuff or something.

And as mentioned by others, I’ll also check out Damien Jurado, Man Man (wow, I remember liking one song of there’s about 10+ years ago, but don’t know anything more from them), and Austra.

Busy day for me. Especially on this Bandcamp purchase day!


Plus it’s pay what you want, with half of any proceeds going to charity.

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Car Seat Headrest.
Ghostpoet ?

Loads of stuff is being released to coincide with Bandcamp day. no-fee No idea how much of it is rushed/random archive stuff released to get in on the action though. After a brief trawl through my emails I’ve got a few interesting leads.

Heard good things about Blom (gnarly queer improv punk) so I’m gonna check that out in a bit. Some new El Ten Eleven (chilled math rock type stuff) out which might be good. Raven (cello virtuoso) has a couple of releases out - one beat heavy and one quite abstract - which sound interesting. Lawrence English has some new drone stuff out which is always good news, as is some more droney goodness from Sarah Davachi. Aging have some noir-y doomjazz type stuff that I’m liking the sound of too.

Also some guy calling himself Body in the Thames has released an intriguing sounding “8 minute slab of sludgy, doomy progtronica” apparently. I’m sure I’ve heard that name somewhere before…


A few things I will check out after looking through the new releases: The Soft Pink Truth (half of Matmos) is guaranteed to be at least an interesting listen. There is also a new Slow Dakota album. Having checkout out a few songs by them they seem great. A striped back indie pop group with some orchestral flourishes.

Ta for the TM tip - had no idea they were back - just queued up the single.

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