New month new releases 01/05

Bandcamp is already slowing down, lots of people taking advantage of the no fee day I presume. I have just bought Oranssi Pazuzu and the new Mogwai soundtrack.

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I’ve got the Humble Bee/Offthesy record coming in the post.

There’s a new Ital Tek for some electronic beats

I’ll be checking out Apparat, Jurado and Ghostpoet.

and basically going to have a good scour over bandcamp for big archive releases like this


There’s a new album from Ben Lukas Boyesen on Erased Tapes.


Morning will be soundtracked by Mogwai, good music to work to.

I will get on Car Seat Headrest later, and see what Bandcamp goodies I want to scoop up.

Darren Hayman had a record of very short songs out the other week ( Full length thing later this month.

Land Trance album on Forest Swords’ label is excellent. Sort of like super melodic Tim Hecker-y sound collage from a duo from Liverpool.


It’s very nice. Reminds me of so many other acts in this genre but without sounding like just one. Really enjoying it and despite having a whole raft of things to listen to today, I’m on my second play.

There was a teaser track / single (whatever we’re calling them these days) out from the Muses album a little while ago. The release date for the album (“Sun Racket”) looks to be September at the moment.

just stuck on the new ghostpoet, he’s been getting consistently better with every record so really looking forward to it

there’s also a new single out from michael clark, he’s the son of the now sadly departed gavin clark, and he specialises in really downbeat but melodic indie

Looking forward to the Joan as Policewoman covers album. The last cover album was excellent and the Blur cover from the new album looks to keep up the standards.


This new Man Man record is really doing it for me

Not as ramshackle as the early stuff but think it works in their favour.


Damnit. Maybe it was delayed by COVID-19. Fire Records site has both September and May… assuming they forgot to update the 2nd paragraph.

Happy to wait though, of course :slight_smile:

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New Archelon for some post metal

New Garganjua for more post metal

Gold have released a live session

The Ben Lukas Boysen is good on first listen.

After the musical wasteland that was April, May is already brilliant. :smiley:

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Holy crap! Pijn have a remix album out today (Worriedaboutsatan have a remix on it)

And O’Brother have released their new album as well for melodic Atl rock.

I have a busy day ahead of me :open_mouth:

…new Happyness album too. They generally also have a Sparklehorse (non twinkly version) type vibe

So this is what Sparklehorse would have sounded like if Elliott Smith was the vocalist… bloody hell, why have I not heard of these guys before?


Apparently Sacred Son is putting out a new one today

They’re big fans of Sparklehorse also. I went to a showing of the Mark Linkous documentary a few years ago at Union Chapel, and a few bands (including Happyness) did some Sparklehorse covers. Their previous album, Weird Little Birthday, is very good - especially the song weird Little Birthday Girl which is definitely my favourite song of theirs.

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Ok, wow, I was at that show too! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to check out the cover bands. Lessons clearly need to be learned…

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Ital Tek is really good