🌚 Thursday Evening Thread 🌚


Trying to get this new emoji going then aren’t I.
Looking at getting some writing done soon, then probably going to try to eat something. But first, beer.
What doing, huns?


Off to watch some emo bands. Aiming to drink less beers than I did last night. No promises can be made.


Any I know?


Tried to resign today :disappointed:

Was told to hang on for 2 months but I’m scared Im going to end up knocking someone out :pensive:


Healing Powers, Dym and Duct Hearts?


No harm in saying you’ve slept on it and decided to go anyway. Sounds like they work you far too hard anyway.


Oh healing powers are tip top! Duct hearts I am unaware of but I admire their name.


Have to go and plan a fundraising night with one of the most inept stoners I know. I do not want to habe to do this.


First time I’ve seen HP in aaages.


Did a run, made some quesadillas.

Now gonna do some other work :sunglasses:


Just having a coffee with my parents before heading out for food.


sacked off work to do job applications. sent out one.

watching the running.




Evenin Ruffers,

Off for some ramen!!


Eating a rather brilliant mille feuille.
They really are the messiest things to eat!



Are you the inept stoner? :wink:


Damn my fingers!


Nothing on tonight, had lovely sunny day at the park, beach tomorrow.

Started Top of the Lake which is :ok_hand: so will try to get kids to bed at a reasonable time to watch some more.

I like the grey smiley emoji!!


Evening all,

I’m annoyed that my copy of A Manual for Cleaning Women still hasn’t shown up so I’m avoiding the book club thread.

Off for a swim in a mo.

I’m quite a fan of the :new_moon_with_face: emoji too!


Off to belgium for the 3rd weekend in a row. What a life ileaf
Found out today that I’d proper messed up at work a few weeks ago and made loads of people think they’re getting a bigger bonus than they actually are :frowning: