New Morrissey album


Jeez, those titles!? They sound like the product of a collaboration between Belle & Sebastian and Benjamin Netanyahu


Yeah, that single is really ropey, a bit like Belle and Sebastian, but at least they’d have decent lyrics.


read this as ‘Neil Morrissey album’



Let the right one in?


was listening to this on 6music.

“I was very surprised to see Anne Marie Waters won the UKIP leadership election. Oh wait, she didn’t, cos the vote was rigged.”

awkward silence

“You didn’t get it, did you? You obviously don’t watch the news.”



I heard that Spent The Day In Bed the other day, where he’s saying avoid the news. Now, he’s chastising people for not following the news enough! Which is it? Make your mind up Mozza.


The look on Moz’s face when he turns and faces the camera after “I thought we were going to Kew Gardens?” :joy::joy::joy:


The cover photograph is poorly staged and overdone. So really, you wouldn’t need to disagree with it from a political standpoint to justify not wanting it in your store. I think there are probably shops in America and Ireland who wouldn’t want it on display, just because it looks ridiculous.

Artistically speaking, I feel like Morrissey kind of painted himself into a corner a long time ago. He hasn’t created a whole lot of space in which he can exist musically. Mind you, he has a successful formula, but its a grueling and methodical one.


Urgh, it’s the smug, condescending look that accompanies the comments as well - particularly once he sees they’ve fallen flat.

The only people defending his recent outbursts are sycophantic superfans arguing that us mere mortal are just too stupid to get his very clever remarks and right wing Islamophobes who think they have a famous champion of their cause.


That’s great! So many Brent-isms


From 1984 appearing to promote:

On the kids show Shaw is singing Jeanne one of the 12" b-sides, the other was a version of I Don’t Owe You Anything.

Morrissey and Marr were huge fans of Sandie Shaw and this single rejuvenated Shaw’s singing career for the rest of the 80s. She was noted in the 60s for singing barefooted and this Top of the Pops appearance has the group paying homage by playing in bare feet, except for Shaw who is wearing shoes.


The saddest and scary thing is that the people who are now apparently his fans are the same sad ‘alt-right’ bell-ends who spend their time online calling people ‘cucks’ and ‘virtue signallers’.

I just can’t work how we got here when I think how much he meant to me when I was a teenager and how meeting another fan meant you had met someone who was or tried to be ‘gentle and kind’.


Agreed. The best case scenario is that he does mean it all tongue in cheek and we are missing the joke. But even if that is the case, the message is getting lost to the point that on one hand most people are increasingly repulsed by him and on the other, ‘alt-right’ keyboard warriors think they’re agreeing with him and are using his comments as a platform to say “he’s just saying what we’re all thinking” and all kinds of conspiracies about Muslims taking over.

I still love the Smiths, but essentially have to make a rather artificial distinction in my mind about the Morrissey then and now in order to reconcile the two.


do you reckon these are new ‘fans’ or old fans who’ve grown bitter & angry with age?


I hope they are new ‘fans’. It’s too depressing to think of a person changing from what a Smiths fan was in the 1980s to what these people are now.

I think there are so few artists in the public eye that are stupid enough to associate themselves with the miserable preoccupations of these people that if anyone does they just attach themselves to them.


I reckon he’s done his career here actually. Timing was perfect for any half decent release to get big vinyl sales at the very least - I imagine the benefit of the doubt that many of his long term fans have been giving him has well and truly gone now.


I think most of us gave up a while ago. For me it was about halfway through the autobiography when I realised I could no longer deny what a truly awful person he is.