New Morrissey album


I don’t think really it’s old fans from the 80s & 90s - it’s just too much of a volte-face from the mindset that attracted people to his music back then. I think some old fans have become apologists for him, but the new ones are just gravitating to the liberal baiting outbursts. I don’t even get the sense they’re that fussed about the (underwhelming) music.

It’s horrible watching this decline. All the while his face appears to be getting steadily younger - that portrait in the attic must be looking pretty ugly by now.



UK tour announced and as suspected, the missus wants to go. In a proper quandary here as I kind of dictate which gigs we go to, so for her to actually pick one is rare. But I’m really not sure I want to risk spending a crap load of money on a gig that will be about 25% decent material, lots of ill-judged right-wing bantz and the high chance of a no-show.

I’ve told her I’ll think about it.


Plenty of time for him to get ill, fall out with the promoter etc. His cancel-rate on tours is ridiculously bad.


The fact the London shows are the last two on the tour really doesn’t bode well. Even if the tour actually starts, the chances of it finishing are very, VERY slim.


Judging by the speed his arena tour tickets have sold at this morning, his popularity doesn’t seem to be too impacted by some of his recent outbursts.
Managed to get standing tickets for Leeds - a whooping £60 each!
Already, Viagogo etc selling them for double the price - the state of the current ticket market is truly scandalous.


Thankfully the missus has baulked at paying 60 quid a ticket, so my quandary has been settled. Royal Albert Hall sold out, but there appears to still be some for Ally Pally




My new album has arrived. Gave it a spin - very strange collection of songs. ‘Vauxhall & I’ it is not…


Vauxhall and I is his best innit? Don’t think he’s come close since.


Yeah, have to agree.


The quietus review :joy:


Guys… the nme gave it a 4… a 4… the nme! You know the magazine that worships Morrissey and declares every album album of the year. The mag that liked the new Arcade Fire gave this album 4 out of 10


It’s going to be total garbage isn’t it?


They gave the last Arctic Monkeys album 10/10 don’t think you can trust their reviewing faculties


That’s what I mean. They have a few sacred cows and Morrisey is one of em. The album must be truely awful


Didn’t he sue the NME a while back? They’ve not been friendly since the Mcnicholas era iirc.


Sure their reviews are out of 5 now aren’t they??


Ah it is but this got 2/5 so translates to 4 in old money