New Morrissey album


He fell out with the NME in 1992, when the NME was still something of interest. They put him on the cover with a picture from his previous weekend’s support slot at a Madness gig in Finsbury Park - where he came on stage with a Union Jack flag in his hands. Somebody did a big opinion column, basically saying that it was a raciest statement to come on stage with the UK flag. Some of his songs at the time tackled the subject of race, immigration etc. at a time when it wasn’t the hot debated topic it is nowadays.
He kind of did a ‘clear my name/make-up with the NME’ interview some time after, possibly about 2006? Anyway, he said that he felt the UK had lost some of its identity, due to mass immigration - and once again, they accused him of racism. He actually cleared his name, and although I don’t agree with a lot of what he says, I think what he said at the time was more an observation on when you visit London compared to other cities around the world, London is very different in terms of the varied race of people.


I think he’s done some good stuff since Vauxhall. However, I think he’s also painted himself into a corner artistically.

He spent almost his entire career doing songs of the same basic mood and in the same basic way. So, now any departure from his familiar formula seems unnatural to those who, at least, used to like what he was about.

Out one door go some of his alienated devotees. Out another door, but years ago, went those who got sick of him doing the same old shit.

For this record to recapture, or hold, the totality of his audience, it had to be amazing. Unfortunately, it seems less than amazing.


It might have helped if he hadn’t revealed himself as an alt-right fuck as well.


It’s really interesting, because I think at one level he isn’t alt-right at all. There’s a track on his new album, where he basically says those who go and die in wars on the command of monarchy or government are actual fools. The alt-right worship our armed forces.


He’s definitely inviting the alt-right into his circle with his racist diatribes and his Trump-like song about how watching the news is bad for your brain or whatever. He’s courting this audience, and they’re loving it as well.


You’ve fallen into the trap there of thinking that alt right mindsets have to be consistent. They HATE government intervention in their lives but LOVE repressive government legislation that targets other people’s lives. Consistency is not at a premium.


He’s absolutely anti-Trump. He doesn’t clearly invite anybody in to his circle, which is why all the misconception is born.


I haven’t fallen into any trap - my view and understanding is clear on Morrissey and his views. And I don’t agree with some of them. But I’m open to the debate and interested in his approach to cover subjects that clearly land him in hot water. He has a world-wide audience, and his music recently has clearly been influenced by Turkey, Spain, Mexico and Israel.


It can make sense if you try to reconcile his views with, for example, the American alt-right. So, I’m not actually talking about whether he’s loyal to the crown. What I’m saying is there are examples of alt-right, perhaps the largest examples, who are often even more jingoistic and nationalistic than he, who nevertheless present themselves, at least part of the time, as peace-loving people. The truth, of course, is that their supposed love of peace is really isolationism, and as such is really born of greed.


I think the ‘misconception’ might come from the things that he says and does and releases


Fair point, I get what you’re saying, but I think it comes from what he doesn’t say - driven by an arrogance that he shouldn’t have to clarify.


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They don’t like each other m8


Well, the Sandie Shaw connection was news to me, until I recently read Marr’s autobiography. I guess at the time everyone would have known about it, just one of those things that gets lost between generations.

Shaw sang Hand in Glove in totp, instead of Morrissey I think.


This is bad, isn’t it.



Well now I’m going to not listen to his album even harder. Feel bad for giving him money in the last few years now. Fucking wanker


really can’t decide if he’s gone proper thick or proper nasty. don’t suppose it really matters.


I’d assumed that album cover was a poorly-mocked up parody, as if any professional musician would be that ham-fisted, let alone one who’s been in the business for over 30 years.

Apparently it’s actually real.


Johnny Marr and Mike Joyce must be enjoying all this