New Morrissey album


I meant in the way he views the world, it just seems so out of kilter, especially the way he talks about human interactions and not wanting to stay in one place. The way he talks about eating just bread and potatoes also sounded like my autistic cousin, who has very selective eating habits. Apologies if it came across as slightly crass.


But obviously I’m not writing off the amount of shite he comes out with. As I said, I’ve stopped supporting him.


The cancelling of dates has started on his current US tour… Illness within the band.


If I had to be around this irredeemable cunt for any amount of time, I’d be ill too.


I love these guys


Moz’s statement on the controversial Der Spiegel interview -


What did he say in that interview? I thought it was The Times one where he appeared to defend Spacey and co.


File this under “Still Ill lyrics - first draft” :grinning:



Cheers. Looks like they’ve released the audio:


What a stupid, old, past it dick head. Everything he says and does at this point is embarrassing.

His novel was one of the biggest commercial disasters in publishing two years ago. Literally tens of thousands of copies had to be returned and pulped. The last album was immediately pulled from sale over a shit-fit about music videos, and this campaign is already de-railing.

My man is circling the drain, getting worse and worse, and I cannot wait to see him hit bottom.


“Millions died for the German identity”. Fucking hell, Moz.


Having said that, his book could end up being reconstituted as a table in a home for battered women.


This is just desperate stuff…


Standard Morrissey. Say something stupid, claim you were misquoted, look like an idiot.


Pulped novel imagery has me equating him with Partridge in the post- Toblerone years


Wow. Fake news and terror threats…

What really irks me is the woe-is-me manipulation of his fan-base. I remember at the close of his last album ‘campaign’ he said something like ‘I’ll never play in England again, unfortunately. You see, the labels won’t allow it…’ which was obviously untrue on every level. Now he’s saying he’s no longer allowed in America because of Der Spiegel.

Here’s an idea, Moz - think before you open your mouth, or keep it shut.


I don’t think Morrissey’s idea is entirely true, that disc jockeys and music journalists dislike his new album because of his strange interview comments. He may be partly right, but it’s also a mediocre collection of music.

As someone who has followed him for decades, my first impression of his Der Spiegel interview is that he was trying to attract interest in his new record by making outlandish statements designed to grab attention. I think his State of the Union video seems like another example of underhandedness.

I don’t find his defense in that video compelling. He doesn’t, for example, explain how his comments to Der Spiegel don’t actually mean what they sound like to so many of us. Instead, he just infers that we should listen to the sound of his voice to know what his real meaning was. That just strikes me as someone getting caught red handed in something indefensible and then offering up a shit excuse.

It’s obvious that he deeply regrets the backlash and fears certain possible outcomes resulting from his recent interviews, and that, I think, is what his State of the Union is really about. It’s just a sneaky appeal to emotion.


Just casually sitting in front of his book on the feminist avant garde that just happens to be on that shelf, where he always keeps it


Get in the sea, Morrissey.