New Mount Eerie - The Microphones Thread (rolling)


well his last one was my AOTY so guess I should give this a go

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it’s still very kozelek but it’s good

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it’s not as good



shit actually this is just what I wanted

you into him much outside of the last one? i’m no diehard but he’s made a few absolutely amazing records.

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Yeah really dig it but not as much as the last one, the musicianship is obviously a lot more detailed and varied in them though so can see why people might like it more.

This is great. Always excited about anything new from Phil Elverum.

Been listening to the Mount Eerie album he recorded as the Microphones loads this week. Such a incredible album.


Hate to sound like a dick, but is it more… musical than the last one? :confused:

i consider myself a fan of his and wasn’t massively keen about the last one, don’t think people need to be coy about not liking it. but yeah i’d say so, still very sorta long and repetitive but i like it better so far

Struggled a bit with Crow, but I’ve really liked the two tracks he’s released from this one and looking forward to the album. Just finding these ones slightly less bleak and heavy going, taking in a few more topics than the death.


fuck me this is good


No chat on this?

Got most of the way through it today. Seemed a bit of a retread musically, with loads of added kozelek stream-of-consciousness. Wasnt really feeling it tbh but will give it another try.

Was going to stream it during my free period but it felt a bit off half listening to it at work while marking year ten essays, going to save it for when I can give it my full attention. Will report back sometime in July.



I feel all smooshy reading that. I’m happy for them.